What Is Green Plumbing?

In today’s society, living a “green” life is becoming
quite popular. Living green means you are doing your part to help protect
and preserve the environment and the planet.

There are many ways that you can do your part for the environment and planet.
You can drive a hybrid automobile or, even better, not drive at all and
utilize bicycles. You can use energy-saving lights and appliance, and
you can make recycling a part of your daily routine. Another way to live
a green life is with green plumbing.

Conserve Water and Stay Green!

Green plumbing involves reducing water usage, recycling water, and making
use of sustainable resources. You can seek out the services of a licensed
green plumber to help make your home’s plumbing as green as possible.
Licensed green plumbers know all there is to know about utilizing solar
power for hot water, water-saving technologies, and other green aspects
of plumbing.

Your green plumber can conduct a water audit of your home. This 50-point
inspection of your home will help you pinpoint various ways to reduce
your water usage. Once you have determined where you can make reductions,
you can begin making the needed changes. It may or may not involve upgrading
your appliances to more water/energy efficient models, depending on the
make and model of your current appliances. For example, upgrading your
water heater to a hybrid model can significantly impact your energy usage
when it comes to heating your water. Hybrid water heaters provide an endless
supply of hot water on demand, and emits ultra low emissions, meaning
it leaves almost no carbon footprint.

Green Plumbing & Government Rebates!

In addition to helping the environment, some of the changes you make may
qualify you for a government rebate. The green plumber you choose will
have all of the information you need to apply for and receive the various
rebates. Once your home has green plumbing, you can rest easy knowing
that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint and protect
the environment.

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