Electrical Installation in Denver, Aurora, & Castle Rock, CO

Electrical Installation Services

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Electrical Installation Services in Denver, Aurora, & Castle Rock, CO

At Quality First Service Group, we understand the vital role electricity plays in modern living and business operations. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction project, upgrading your electrical systems, or seeking to enhance energy efficiency, our team of highly skilled electricians is here to provide you with top-notch electrical installation solutions. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and sustainability, we bring power to your vision, ensuring that every connection is made with precision and every wire is installed with care. Discover how our comprehensive electrical installation services can electrify your projects and elevate your expectations.


Residential Electrical Installations

  • Wiring and rewiring of homes
  • Installation of lighting fixtures, switches, and outlets
  • Circuit breaker panel upgrades
  • Installation of ceiling fans and exhaust fans
  • Installation of home automation systems
  • Electrical installation for home additions and renovations

Commercial Electrical Installations

  • Electrical system design and installation for commercial buildings
  • Installation of emergency lighting and exit signs
  • Wiring for office spaces, retail stores, and restaurants
  • Installation of data and communication cabling
  • Electrical panel upgrades and maintenance
  • Installation of security and surveillance systems

Industrial Electrical Installations

  • Electrical system design and installation for industrial facilities
  • Installation of motor control systems
  • High-voltage electrical installations
  • Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
  • Power distribution system installation
  • Electrical maintenance and troubleshooting

Outdoor Electrical Installations

  • Installation of outdoor lighting for landscapes and security
  • Electrical wiring for swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
  • Installation of outdoor outlets and weatherproof covers
  • Security camera and intercom system installations


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DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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