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Warning Signs Your Furnace May Be Failing

Every part inside your home has a shelf life. How long the item lasts depends on normal wear and tear, and how well you care for it during its life. Your furnace is no exception. From the moment it’s installed, it has a useful life. And every season is one more step to reaching its limit.

It’s never fun waking up to a cold home. And unfortunately, furnaces only seem to quit completely on the coldest days of the year. But in most cases, a furnace has telltale signs it’s reaching the end of its useful life long before it wears out.

The following are signs your furnace needs repair:

  • Your furnace is more than 15 years old.
    One of the easiest ways to tell if your furnace is reaching the end is to look at how long it’s serviced your home. The average furnace will only last 15 to 20 years. It depends on many things, such as how well you’ve serviced it over the years, and how much it’s been used from the time it was installed. If it’s nearing that age, it’s time to start looking at your options.
  • Your furnace is blowing cold air.
    If you keep cranking up the thermostat, but still find your home is staying cool, it might be time to repair or replace your furnace. Cold air can mean a variety of things; from a faulty pilot light, to a leak in the air ducts. Of course, if you work with a reputable furnace repair company, they will find the problem and offer you the best solution. Sometimes a simple fix may be all it takes.
  • Your heating bills are rising.
    Have you noticed your heating costs are going up, up, up? If you can’t find any other reason for it, it may be that your furnace is having to work harder to perform the same job as before.
  • Your furnace has a funny smell.
    If your furnace smells dusty or dirty, no matter how many times it operates, it could be coming from your furnace. This should be fixed by cleaning or replacing the air filter. But if you still notice the smell, it’s time to call in a technician. If it smells like natural gas, seek professional help immediately.
  • Your furnace makes noises.
    Sometimes old furnaces start to make strange noises. Rattles. Pops. Creaks. Odd sounds can mean your blower wheel is broken. Banging could mean the system is out of balance. The longer you leave these noises unattended, the better chance they have of destroying your system altogether. If you suspect something is wrong, the faster you act, the less damage it can cause.

Professional Furnace Maintenance in Aurora

Your furnace is one of the most crucial parts of your home’s overall operating systems. If it’s not well maintained, it won’t operate as efficiently as possible. Even dust and dirt buildup can quickly damage internal components, damage the motor, or corrode electrical connections. And that means both performance and efficiency will be impacted.

It is recommended that your furnace has an annual maintenance checkup by a qualified Aurora, CO furnace repair technician at the start of each heating season. This will ensure that your furnace is in top shape to provide you with conditioned air all winter long.

During a checkup, our Aurora furnace maintenance technicians will:

  • Replace the air filter
  • Examine all grills and registers for dirt and dust
  • Clean the burner and pilot light and check for damage or clogs
  • Clean out the drain
  • Examine the vent piping
  • Ensure the thermostat is working properly
  • Look at the heat exchanger for cracks, leaks or corrosion
  • Clean the blower if excessive buildup is present
  • Ensure the ignition system is working properly
  • Ensure proper gas pressure within the system
  • Perform a combustion analysis test and ensure proper working order

Furnace manufacturers recommend an annual checkup each year to ensure proper working conditions for the equipment. Especially with gas forced air furnaces, cracks, leaks or malfunctioning equipment can be hazardous to your health. Annual furnace maintenance can save you money in the long run by repairing items before they escalate and extending the life of your equipment.

If you haven’t had your furnace equipment evaluated in a while, now is the time to schedule an appointment for furnace maintenance. Call 720-548-2770 now.

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