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When you need the best AC unit to beat the Colorado heat, Quality First is here to help. We can find you the perfect, new AC system no matter what you’re looking for. We can break down the cost of central air conditioning and installation services, or we explain what it costs to replace your existing system. Connect with us for AC replacement and installation in Aurora! 


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At Quality First Service Group, our certified Aurora AC installation technicians are experienced at installing various cooling system makes and models, and we can answer any questions you might have about which type of unit would be best for your space. For over three decades, we have been dedicated to delivering superior customer service to Aurora residents and we are ready to help with your cooling needs.

Our company is a family-run business, and we are committed to treating our customers with the professionalism and respect they deserve. We offer guaranteed appointment times, and we arrive when we say we will. Our knowledgeable Aurora air conditioning installation technicians will walk you through the service they will perform before getting started on the job so you know exactly what’s happening every step of the way.

To schedule an estimate for AC replacement in Aurora, call us at 720-548-2770.

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As always, Quality First Service Group offers a guarantee on most of the HVAC services we offer and even guarantee a timely arrival to our appointment with you. We also offer emergency services and impose no extra charge for services on Saturday and Sunday. These are just some of the many ways we ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their experience working with us

DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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Should I Repair Or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Has your air conditioner reached an age when you’re no longer sure it will work when you flip the switch? When the bill for a new air conditioner is in the thousands, it may leave you questioning which is the best route for you: repair or replace your air conditioner?

Here are some things to think about:

  • Consider the Age. Age is the most important factor when trying to decide what to do. Have you ever heard of the 5,000 rule? It’s one many HVAC companies use when assessing the repair or replace question. Take the age of your equipment and multiply it by the repair cost. So, if your air conditioner is ten years old and you’ve been presented with a $500 repair bill, which equals $5,000. At this rate, AC replacement is the better option.
  • Efficiency Matters. Technology is changing all the time. And it’s not just your phone that is getting more powerful; your heating and cooling equipment are impacted too. Recent advances in AC technology has greatly improved efficiency. If your air conditioner is ten years or older, significant advances have been made in the way your AC unit operates. Not only will your equipment be more efficient at keeping you cool, but it will also operate better for the environment too. That means savings all the way around.
  • R-22 May Be Your Influence. If your air conditioner is a certain age, it may still operate with R-22, also known as Freon. If your air conditioner leaks, it can cost money to fix the leak and top off the system with more refrigerant. But because R-22 is being phased out, it’s harder and harder to find. If your system still uses R-22 and it develops a leak, it should probably be replaced. Production of R-22 will end altogether in 2020, so it’s better to prepare now and get a new system installed instead.

What Is Air Conditioner Load Calculation?

Are you thinking about replacing your air conditioner this year? Air conditioners aren’t like other household appliances. You can’t order one online based on customer reviews. Instead, you have to assess something called load calculation. Load calculation helps determine you install the right size air conditioner for your home.

If you purchase the wrong size air conditioner, you may be left with the following problems:

  • Your AC won’t keep your home cool enough from room to room
  • Your AC won’t properly dehumidify the air in your home
  • Your AC will work harder than it needs to and you’ll pay more in energy costs
  • Your equipment will have a lower lifespan

Every home is different. To determine load calculation, your AC installation technician will assess things like how many and what type of windows you have, the number of doors you have, how much insulation you have, and what direction your home faces. We also look at things like building materials, slope of your roof, your home’s structure, and the type of equipment that best suits your needs.

If you search out air conditioners online, you’ll find there are a number of makes, models, and sizes. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. Leaving it to one of our AC replacement technicians ensures your home will be properly evaluated, and the load calculation will fully assess the needs of your home. While high-efficiency equipment may cost more in the beginning, the monthly savings can add up quickly over time. It may be worth a second look.

Ensuring Proper Installation Of Your Air Conditioner

If your AC unit isn’t installed properly, you may have trouble regulating the temperature inside your living or working area, and you could see an increase in your energy costs, as the system has to work harder to cool your home or office. Additionally, if your system isn’t functioning correctly, it could decrease the lifespan of your unit, which may require that you replace your AC sooner than expected.

Our Aurora AC installation experts will thoroughly assess your property to determine the size and kind of unit that will effectively cool your space without exerting too much energy. We will explain your options to you, allowing you to make an informed decision about your new AC. Then, we will work quickly and efficiently to get your system up and running as soon as possible. After installation, we can also provide you with routine maintenance services to keep your new air conditioner running optimally for many years to come.

For fast, honest AC replacement in Aurora and the surrounding areas, call us or contact us online.

Helping people is our passion


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