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Sewer Repairs in Aurora & Across Metro Denver

Need reliable sewer line repairs in Aurora? Look no further than Quality First. Our master plumbers will expertly execute sewer and/or water line repair to your satisfaction! We can take care of sewer blockage repairs, water line repairs, and even sewer line replacements when needed. Call us today for sewer line repairs in Aurora & across the Denver Metro that can’t be beat! 


Cutting-Edge Sewer Line Repairs From Our Plumbing Experts

At one point or another, you’ve probably heard at least one piece of advice about what you should and should not allow down your drain. This is because water and sewer lines are not indestructible and, over time, they become compromised—usually causing a giant headache and expense for the home or business owner.

The following factors can contribute to a water or sewer line issue:

  • Root intrusion
  • Grease and household items that form sludge and buildup
  • Advanced age that causes cracks and other damage

If you are experiencing a water or sewer line issue, then our experienced, professionally certified Aurora sewer line professionals are ready to help. Call us at 720-548-2770 or use our online form today.

Call us today for all your sewer & drain needs!

How confident are we in the work we provide? So much so we offer a 2 year warranty on many repairs. Water, sewer, and gas service line repairs/replacements are guaranteed for 10 years and the warranty is transferable at no cost! Plus, 5-10 year warranties for excavations! Give us a call today at one of our two convenient locations.

DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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Our Water & Sewer Line Services

At Quality First, our Aurora plumbers are well-versed in numerous techniques and strategies to repair and upgrade water and sewer lines. From residential homes to large commercial properties and new construction projects, we’ve provided customers long-term water and sewer line solutions built to last for years to come.

Quality First Service Group can provide:

  • Sewer repair and replacement services
  • Location services to accurately locate the lines on your property
  • High pressure hydro jetting to remove sludge and buildup
  • Installations for new properties and remodels
  • Water and sewer line excavation

How To Prevent Issues With Your Water & Sewer Lines

The most effective way to prevent a sewer or water line issue to prevent one from occurring. We walk all our customers through what they can do in their everyday lives to better the health of their pipes and avoid costly issues down the line.

We recommend all our customers:

  • Avoid pouring grease down your drain or toilet
  • Always run your water as you use your garbage disposal
  • Do not put hard-to-break-down foods in the garbage disposal (like banana peels and celery)
  • Pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar down the drain every month
  • Avoid using crystal drain cleaners (which can cause buildup)

It’s also important to remember that liquid drain cleaners cannot fix a total blockage. If you have tried liquid drain cleaner and are still experiencing drainage issues, then you are likely experiencing a blockage that requires professional drain cleaning.

Put your water and sewer line issue in trusted hands. Use our online form to book an appointment for water or sewer line repair with our friendly, experienced experts.

Helping people is our passion


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As a family business owned by Colorado locals, we are committed to our community. That's why we support and provide free services to charities and nonprofits across the Front Range.


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