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Outlet & Switch Services in Aurora

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Outlets and switches are two of the most fundamentally basic parts of our electrical systems. Outlets allow us to easily and safely tap into electrical current in order to power a device. They provide a shielded and insulated connection that is safe, simple to use, and covered to minimize the risk. Switches allow us to easily and safely control the flow of current through one of these outlets, as well as through other fixtures in the room like light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more. At Quality First Service Group, we offer repairs, installations, and replacements for outlets and switches, making us the name to count on for an electrical system that you can safely and easily use.

Are you looking for a switch or outlet repair? Do you need to have a new switch installed? Need an outlet relocated or a new one installed in a more convenient location? These are just a few of the full range of services that offers our customers. Our experienced electricians use the latest training and highest-quality materials to offer you solutions that get the job done and withstand the strain of your day to day life. We never waver from our ultimate goal: earning your total and complete satisfaction with every service we provide, and that means we are constantly pushing ourselves to improve and offer you services that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Our electricians frequently undergo professional training to improve their own skills, and we constantly push each other to always be the best we can be.

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Outlet Repairs & More

Outlets are the windows that we use to tap into the power of electrical energy. Outlets are a common feature all throughout our homes, and yet we never think twice about them, really. That is, until we need one and there isn’t a convenient one around. At Quality First Service Group, we can help you with this problem and more. If your outlets are giving you trouble, or you simply need another one, we can help you take care of the issue you are having.

You may need to replace an outlet if any of the following are true:

  • Your outlet doesn’t firmly hold anything plugged into it anymore
  • Your outlet lets out a small spark when anything is plugged in
  • Your outlet is discolored or shows signs of burn damage
  • Your outlet makes a buzzing or humming noise
  • Your outlet is not properly grounded (does not have a third hole for a ground post)

Switch Services & Wiring

Switches allow us to turn the power to various outlets on and off. A properly wired switch lets us flip on a light with the gentle lift of our finger or power up a ceiling fan without having to reach out and grab the pull-chain. Switches can even be customized to give you total control over your lighting so you can set the mood or adjust the brightness based on your needs. Whether you need a switch replaced when one stops working correctly or you’re looking to install a new switch, trust our pros at Quality First Service Group to get the job done today.

Switch & Outlet Upgrades

Switches and outlets may seem like simple, basic components, and for the most part they are. But they don’t have to be—today there are a number of switch and outlet upgrade options that give you a ton of additional features. Upgraded outlets include things like USB outlets, designed to provide a steady stream of 5V DC power that is perfect for charging things like cell phones or portable speakers. Illuminated outlets have a small LED light that’s built into the outlet itself, providing a dim but visible source of light so that you’re always aware of where the outlet is, even in otherwise pitch darkness.

Switches have upgrades as well. Dimmer switches let you control not only whether a light is on or off, but how much light it produces (as long as your light fixture is dimmer-friendly). Some switches give you the ability to control multiple aspects of a fixture with a single switch, such as turning the lights on a ceiling fan on and off and adjusting the fan’s speed. Some switches don’t even have any moving parts at all, and instead respond to the touch of your finger.

Whatever switch or outlet service you’re looking for, let the trusted electricians at Quality First Service Group handle the job! Contact us today.

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