Go Green To Celebrate Earth Day – What A Plumbing and HVAC Company Can Do For You

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day By Making Greener Choices

“With your help, we can transform the world for a healthier, safer, more just and more sustainable future for all.” That’s the message from the founders of the Earth Day movement as they enter the 50th year.

If you want to make a change and go green in your own life, visiting the Earth Day website can provide you with a variety of ideas for ways you can get involved. Get involved in the Great Global Clean Up. If art is your thing, check out the Artists For The Earth. It’s a great way to engage with the public on the critical issues involving the environment.

And that’s just the start. With 50 years behind them, there are millions of ways you can get involved. All you need to do is explore the site a little and get a good idea of what others are doing.

As a green business, we take Earth Day seriously for our approach to HVAC. There are a lot of things you can do around your house that will make a big difference in how your HVAC equipment operates. And how much you pay on your electrical bills each month.

Pay Attention To Your Thermostat

No, we’re not suggesting you should play with the buttons on your thermostat. In fact, we suggest you use a programmable thermostat whenever possible. What you should pay attention to is where your thermostat is in your home. Is it in an area where it’s impacted by heat sources? Is it close to your television of computer equipment, where it registers a higher temperature throughout the day? Is it in direct sunlight? Is it near a register? All of these items can make your HVAC equipment less efficient.

Plant A Tree

It’s Earth Day, why not plant a tree? We know it’s going to take a while for that tree to help cool your home. But if you don’t plant it now, when? Be conscious of your landscaping. What can you do to add impact, and ensure it helps control the heat your home receives during the warm summer months?

Change Your Lighting

While it might be nice to have one light on when you come home, you don’t need to light every room in your home. As you leave a room, turn off the lights. Don’t leave things plugged in and working if you aren’t there to enjoy it. Change out all your lighting to LED and save even more.

Schedule A Maintenance Visit

People assume the only time to call in one of our HVAC technicians is when you have a serious problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, if you want to save money on your energy bills, it’s important to have a technician look over your equipment at the start of each season. We can ensure everything is cleaned up and ready for action. We can ensure all parts are working and fully operational. It’s much easier to fix a loose bolt or a squeaky part early before it impacts the rest of the system.

Call A Green Plumber, Like Quality First Service Group!

We’re here to help. Our heating and cooling experts can inspect your HVAC system and ensure it will provide you with properly conditioned air supply all year long. Quality First Service Group is a Metro Denver plumbing company that cares about the environment! We are certified green plumbers, and offer a wide array of plumbing services in Denver Metro and the surrounding five counties. Give us a call today!

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