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When properly maintained, your boiler is a pillar of comfort in your home. When it is in need of serious repair, it can feel like the whole house has frozen over. These efficient heating systems have significant benefits, and we’ve found our customers prefer over most other options when they’re running great.

At Sub:BusinessName}, our Aurora boiler specialists have over 30 years of experience servicing these types of heating systems. Your experience with our team will always be a pleasant one as we ensure your old or new boiler system operates at peak performance.

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3 Signs You Need Boiler Repair In Aurora

  • No Hot Water - One obvious sign that your boiler isn't working properly is the lack of hot water. It could be due to the thermostat being turned way down or it could be a bigger problem. If the boiler pressure is below 1 you may have a pressure issue. Call our expert Aurora boiler repair team for professional help.
  • Banging Noises - If you are hearing strange noises come from boiler can be scary, thinking you may have no hot water or you'll have to replace it. Sometimes air can infiltrate the system and cause the water to gurgle or even whistle. It could also mean that your pipes aren't fitted properly and bang together as the air and water go through them. If you are unsure, contact us for professional boiler help.
  • Yellow Flame instead of Blue Flame - If you see a yellow flame instead of blue, it could be an indication of carbon monoxide. If you notice this, call us immediately for help. Carbon monoxide is very difficult to detect and be very unsafe.

Importance of Boiler Maintenance

The professional approach to maintaining your boiler includes:

  • Inspections and cleanings. Peak performance requires all the heat transfer surfaces to stay clean.
  • Water treatment. When performed at scheduled intervals, this can ensure its efficiency.
  • Excess air for fuel combustion. The air mixture affects system efficiency and influences how well the system operates, as well as its longevity. During maintenance, our technician monitors and adjusts these controls.
  • Inspections of insulation and steam traps. Even a finely tuned and effective boiler is limited by a poor distribution system. This type of inspection can prevent such problems.

Boilers vs. Furnaces

Furnaces are also a popular option when it comes to residential heating solutions and many customers are torn between their two options. At Quality First Service Group, we find that boilers often offer more advantages for homeowners than they expect.

Just a few advantages a boiler offers include:

  • Even, consistent level of heat throughout your home
  • Zero dust and allergen circulation
  • More control over the zones of your house
  • Silent operation
  • Greater efficiency (83-85% for standard models, 93-96% for high-efficiency models)

Our technicians are familiar with all the latest models from major manufacturers and can provide you and your home the repair or installation you need. Boilers should also be inspected annually and our professionals can perform this service for you, as well, checking and cleaning the parts of your boiler needed to keep it safe and functional. Whatever your boiler needs may be, Quality First Service Group is ready to ensure your home is ready for cold months ahead.

Call for Boiler Installation Services in Aurora

Are you considering a new or replacement boiler in Aurora? Our HVAC experts can install any of the leading brands—and even make recommendations if you call us with questions. Talk to our friendly staff and find out why our first-time install customers choose us for future repairs and maintenance. We guarantee our work because you matter to us; it can be hard to find reputable contractors you can trust. Give us the opportunity to show you why Quality First Service Group maintains a Gold Star from the Denver Metro BBB.

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