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Hot Water Installation & Replacement Aurora

Do you know how long the average water heater is expected to last? Ten years? Fifteen years? Twenty? Believe it or not, the average lifespan of a water heater in a typical American home is as short as just eight years. That means it should come as little surprise that you’ll probably have to replace your water heater at least once while you own your property, and more than likely you’ll have to replace it multiple times.

Has this time come for you, and are you now looking for the best water heater? Wondering about water heater replacement costs and if you can afford them? For water heater installations and replacements in Aurora, count on the expert plumbers at Quality First! 


Why Choose Quality First?

When your tank springs a leak, your heating element quits on you, or you simply want to retire your water heater and replace it with a newer and more advanced model, Quality First Service Group delivers superior-quality water heater installation in Aurora and throughout the surrounding area.

We understand the importance of professional experience when it comes to water heater installation, and we do whatever we can to be there for the customers who need our help. When your hot water heater quits on you, our team is here to help and will get started on the process right away. Our Aurora plumbers carefully choose the perfect replacement water heater for your home, and we complete all installations as quickly as we possibly can. Our goal is to be truly unmatched when it comes to the quality of the plumbing work that we do, and we believe the amount of repeat customers we receive is a testament to that commitment.

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How confident are we in the work we provide? So much so we offer a 2 year warranty on many repairs. Water, Sewer, and gas service line repairs/replacements are guaranteed for 10 years and the warranty is transferable at no cost! Plus, 5-10 year warranties for excavations! Give us a call today at one of our two convenient locations.

DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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DENVER METRO (720) 772-5081
CASTLE ROCK (720) 325-1371

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Do You Need A New Water Heater?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you need a new water heater or if your current water heater just needs a simple repair. Unless you’re a seasoned professional who can identify the signs that it’s time to replace your tank, how can you possibly know? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this question as every home is unique, and every water heater is different and in different condition. The best way to know for certain is to talk to a water heating professional about your system. However, if you notice any of these signs present in your water heater tank, then you should anticipate needing to replace your water heater soon.

You may need a new water heater if:

  • Your water heater is leaking, either a slow drip or a steady flow
  • Your water heater struggles to get up to temperature
  • Your water heater is approaching eight to ten years of age
  • Your water heater consumes a ton of energy for no real reason
  • Your water heater’s pilot light frequently goes out
  • Your water heater’s anode rod is completely eaten away

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are rapidly becoming an extremely popular upgrade for homes of all different shapes and sizes. In addition to being more energy-efficient than old tank-style water heaters, tankless water heaters are less prone to problems and they eliminate the chances that you’ll ever run out of hot water again! We carefully match your home to the perfect tankless water heater and can complete the installation of these units as well as installations for any prerequisite requirements like gas lines or exhaust systems.

Hot Water Circulation Systems

If you are environmentally conscious or are looking to save on your water bills, Quality First Service Group is ready to help you with one of our most popular recommendations: a hot water circulation system. These systems use a timer and an inline pump to ensure that hot water is ready to use in your pipes when you need it. That means that you no longer have to turn on your water and wait for it to warm up—the water is instantly hot and ready to use!

A hot water circulation system:

  • Saves thousands of gallons of water a year
  • Is quiet and often runs unnoticed
  • Is maintenance-free
  • Is inexpensive & installs onto your existing system

If it’s time for water heater replacement in Aurora, turn to the experts at Quality First Service Group! Contact us today.

Helping people is our passion


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As a family business owned by Colorado locals, we are committed to our community. That's why we support and provide free services to charities and nonprofits across the Front Range.


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