Using Green Plumbing Ideas In Your Basement Remodel

Tips & Tricks To Help Plumbing In Your Basement!

Planning a basement remodel this summer? Here are 7 green plumbing ideas
to use in your basement remodel.

Finished basement

1. Create a full bath with extras. While an unfinished basement usually comes with roughed-in plumbing, now
is the time to move things and make it more efficient for the way you
live. Would you prefer a large tub? A walk in shower? A sauna? Just because
you’re trying to be more energy efficient and green in your design,
doesn’t mean you have to avoid some of the simple pleasures. A
green plumber in Denver will be able to give you many ideas to stay within your budget, and offer
you the best alternatives available.

2. Think water conservation. All of your fixtures, from faucets to showerheads and toilets can offer
complete water efficiency. Instead of shopping the big box stores, ask
your green plumber for options and ideas. In many cases he’ll have
resources you can’t reach as a consumer.

3. Relocate plumbing to a more efficient area. When a house is built, the basement is often left unfinished. So its of
little concern where ducts and pipes are placed. But when you are trying
to maximize the space you have, it may be easier to relocate existing
pipe to walls or beam areas, places where you can supply more insulation
and be more protected from freezes and/or problems.

4. Design a laundry room for efficiency. Many laundry rooms are located in the basement here in Colorado. But that
doesn’t mean you have to skimp on size or options. Choose the highest
quality, most energy efficient models of washers and dryers. Have a sink
installed near your washer to avoid running to the bathroom or an upstairs
location for your water needs. And install clothes lines – there
are many options to help you avoid using your dryer.

5. Waterproof your basement before you invest in a remodel. Basements are traditionally damp and cool – a perfect combination
for potential problems. Before you experience problems, plan for them
up front. Install a sump pump to protect against future flooding. Check
all plumbing within the basement – repair pipes with leaks and replace
as appropriate. Install gutters to move water away from the house, and
use window wells to avoid future water problems.

6. Talk about insulation. Because the basement is cool and damp, its important to create the protection
now before a problem arises. Talk with both your plumber and contractor
about the best options for your pipes and plumbing locations.

7. Never close off access to your water source. Where is your water main located? Create a way to leave that easily accessible.
Whether in a closet or laundry room, its important to leave it easy to
find and easy to access.

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