Finding A Green Plumbing Service in Colorado

Efficiency and user-friendly seldom go hand in hand. If you choose to conserve  and do what you can to preserve the environment, chances are you have
to work a little harder finding the products and services you need.

For a plumbing company to be considered green, and recognized as a Green
Plumbing accredited company, you have to meet several requirements and
undergo training. Just saying your green doesn’t necessarily make it so.

So what can you look for when you’re searching through websites and
calling on the phone to plumbing companies in Colorado? How can you make
sure you have a plumber who practices green methods?

  • Start by looking for Green Plumbers accreditation. If a plumber is truly
    green, he will have gone through a series of green training programs,
    and be an accredited green plumber.
  • Ask questions. A green plumber will have a variety of options to give you
    tips on how to save resources, and still have a well functioning home.
    You don’t need to give up one for the other.
  • Find energy efficient options. Virtually everything in your home has an
    energy efficient option. Instead of a traditional water heater, why not
    install a hot water circulation system? You’ll save a considerable
    amount of water over time because you’ll have access to instant
    hot water. You’ll find your local plumber has dozens of tips just
    like this.
  • Plan for the future. A green plumber will also be happy to audit your home
    and provide you with a plan for future upgrades. Most of us can’t
    afford to rebuild our homes from the ground up with top of the line green
    resources. But there are things you can do over time. Make a priority
    list with your local plumber, and work at things slowly. Choose things
    that will reap the biggest rewards up front.

The key to a good green strategy is to do a little at a time. Know what
will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Invest in things that have
the largest payback. Follow up with additional items as time and budget
allows. With the savings you’ll quickly see, you’ll be glad you did.

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