Repairing Your Hot Water Boiler

In Colorado, we use a variety of methods to heat our homes. A hot water
boiler is an appliance used to heat water, and send it through a hydronic
heating system. The hot water is then distributed through the home in
pipes, either through a radiator system, or through a baseboard convector system.

While using a hot water boiler system is an efficient way to heat your
home, like any appliance, there are occasional needs for maintenance and repair.

Poor Heating Performance

Occasionally the system may appear to not heat up to temperature properly.
Sudden changes are often caused by improper water levels in the boiler,
while a more gradual problem may be due to mineral deposits in the boiler
or heat exchanger. The system may need to have water added, or to have
the system flushed and cleaned.

Water Leakage Around The Boiler

This could be caused by a faulty pump, a faulty pressure relief valve,
or leaking in the water pipe connection. Most of these repairs can be
handled easily by your local plumber. Your plumber will determine the
root cause of the problem, and correct it to eliminate further water leakage,
and return your system to normal function.

Noisy Pipes

Noise in the pipes is a sign of a growing problem, one that should be
fixed quickly to avoid further damage. Possible problems include a faulty
circulator pump, or water trapped in the return lines. The circulator
has a spring-loaded coupling that connects the pump to the motor. When
the pump jams, this coupling may break, causing a load noise as the motor
runs. Over time, the pitch in the return lines may change, causing the
water to become trapped. Adjusting the pitch of the return lines or the
radiator will usually fix the problem and stop the noise.

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