Make Your HVAC A Big Part of Reducing The Risk of Disease

Sitting inside your home day after day might have you thinking about your indoor air quality. HVAC contractors have the job of protecting your indoor air quality and ensuring it’s safe as well as comfortable.

It extends beyond your home, and into the stores you’re currently shopping in as well. HVAC – heating, ventilation, and air conditioning – controls every aspect of creating a comfortably conditioned environment.

Right now, we’re living in uncertain times. The biggest question about the coronavirus is how it’s transmitted from one person to the next. Authorities believe that is person to person transmission. It’s shared by way of droplets with people in close proximity to one another.

That’s why the six feet rule is so important.Make Your HVAC A Big Part of Reducing The Risk of Disease

If a sick person coughs or sneezes, the droplets can spread from one to another. The droplets may also be transferable if they move from a hand, to a doorknob, and back to another hand, for example.

Yet the one thing they aren’t sure of yet, is how long the disease is viable, and if it has the potential for airborne transmission. If droplets can survive in the air, and can be transferred via air movement, that means it’s more important than ever – for both residential and commercial use – to consider how safe your ventilation system works.

The most important part of your ventilation system in this process is the air filter. If it works well, they trap particulates and contaminants before they are filtered back into the air supply. If you can’t remember when yours was last changed, now is the time.

If your system has problems or goes down, we’re considered an essential business. Our goal is to be there for you, safely, to ensure your home is a comfortable environment.

We are working closely with the proper authorities to ensure we stay safe and keep you secure at the same time. You can help by:

  • Making sure the area to be serviced is clean and safe for our technicians
  • If anyone is sick or shows signs of sickness, consider rescheduling
  • Respectfully decline handshakes and follow the six foot rule as much as possible
  • Request a technician wear protective gear, and clean and sanitize all work spaces
  • Properly clean and sanitize the areas once the technician leaves your home

With just a little action on your part, you can return to having a safe and comfortable living environment once again.

We’ll get through this, together. Give us a call if we can help out in any way.

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