Green Plumbing Tips

Consider installing a water filtration system.

Most systems can purify enough water to fill thousands of bottles of water.
This can help reduce the number of bottles that are thrown into the landfills
each year, which currently totals around 38 billion. Purchase an aluminum
or BPA-free water bottle, fill it up, and enjoy your next day enjoying
the outdoors knowing your helping environment and yourself.

Take shorter showers.

If everyone in the family reduced their showers by even a minute or two,
over 2000 gallons of water could be saved each month. Combine that with
replacing a current shower head with an eco-efficient shower head, and
you’ll add to your savings over 500 gallons per month.

Run full loads in your washing machine.

Summer clothes are lighter, and less bulky than the sweater and long pants
we wear in the summer. Instead of washing on a regular basis, wait until
you have a full load. Combine this with a water saving, energy efficient
washer, an you’ll realize 500-800 gallons per month in water savings.

Capture tap water, and begin using grey water.

Instead of allowing water to run down the drain while waiting for warm
water, throw a watering can under the stream while you wait. You can easily
save 200-300 gallons every month. Combine it with using grey water from
the rest of your house, and you quickly have a plan that helps you conserve
in a variety of ways.

Use eco-friendly cleaning alternatives.

Not only can commercial cleaners be harsh for your family’s health,
it can also break down your plumbing. Consider alternative
green approaches to cleaning your drain.

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