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Are Green Drain Cleaners Safe?

There’s a funny thing about buzz words – once a word gains traction, everyone quickly adapts it as if it were there own. Case in point … the word “green”.

Today everyone wants to jump on the environmental bandwagon and create a green product. You’ll find it in just about every industry. After all, we all want a way to live in a more environmentally friendly way, and leave our world a better place for the next generation.

When we think of household drain cleaning, many of the products our parents and grandparents used go things clean, but in many cases they did more damage then they did good. Sure, they may have given the appearance of a clean house, but years later we’re finding out just how bad some of the chemicals really are. They may have damaged the surface of the items being cleaned. They may have created health issues. And they may have created environmental issues as the harsh chemicals make their way down the drain.

Enter the green drain cleaners.

It seems like a good idea, but are they really any better? Are they worth the investment? After all, when you find a product that touts “green drain cleaning” in the cleaning aisles of your favorite store, they almost always are a lot more expensive. And if you still can’t read the names of the ingredients on the back of the bottle, how do you know how safe they really are?

Most green drain cleaners you’ll find on the shelves use enzymes or bacteria to naturally feast upon the clog. When they are added to the drain, these microscopic organisms digest the waste in the clog while reproducing and moving throughout the pipes. Because they are natural, they take their time to do the job – you won’t find instant results like you’ll get with harsh chemicals. Which means you’ll have to have the time to leave the clog sit for a while until the process works its way through.

What makes these green products work is the enzymes or bacteria – two things that can lose power very quickly. Which means buying a green drain cleaner and leaving it on the shelf for the “just in case” isn’t an option. By the time you need it, the active ingredients may be gone.

While the concept of buying a green drain cleaner is a good one, there is actually a better way. DIY drain cleaners – all made from common household items.

And if none of these methods work at unclogging your drain, or you still have questions about safely unclogging your drain, give us a call today.

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