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Avoid These Issues With Regular HVAC Maintenance

What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t service your HVAC equipment regularly? The answer may surprise you.

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures your furnace and air conditioner are operating the way they should. It can make your home more comfortable as well as increase efficiencies. But there may be other reasons why it’s important to service your equipment every year too.

AirflowAvoid These Issues With Regular HVAC Maintenance

You might think that your HVAC system is designed to provide a certain amount of airflow, and that will never change. You’d be wrong. Without regular HVAC maintenance, air might not flow through the system the same way it did when it was new. It might leak if ductwork is in need of repair. It might be stopped due to a dirty air filter. Once your HVAC is compromised, it can cause everything from a faulty system to indoor air quality issues, allowing dust and pollutants to mix with the air supply.


How old is your building? While asbestos won’t cause problems if left undisturbed, once it begins degrading, it can impact your air quality. You’ll often find asbestos in insulation materials around HVAC equipment. As it degrades, it can find its way into the circulation system. The use of asbestos wasn’t banned in building materials until 1977, so if your building was constructed before then, it’s wise to keep an eye on how well it’s preserved.


HVAC systems can give off excess moisture. And if that moisture travels throughout the system, it can cause potential mold issues in unsuspecting places. What if mold is allowed to grow in your ventilation unchecked? Blowing mold spores to other rooms can cause health issues, including increased risk for respiratory conditions.


Every part of your HVAC system can wear out over time, including the electrical portions of the system. Part of a technician’s job is to evaluate the entire system, and notice potential problems before they escalate. They are trained to locate, fix, and maintain all parts of your HVAC system, keeping you safe throughout the year.

If you haven’t had your HVAC system checked this year, it’s not too late. It’s not just the equipment that’s at risk. Your health depends on it too.

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