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Why Does My Water Heater Pilot Light Go Out?

Your water heater is probably something you take for granted…untilit malfunctions. If you are having problems with your water heater pilotlight going out, check these main culprits first. 1. Thermocouple – The most common cause of the pilot light going out is a thicklooking copper wire called the thermocouple. It sits on the gas valveand … Continued


What Are Plumbing Pipes Made Out Of?

Your house is nothing more than a system, using pipes, lines and wires to make it run effectively. When everything is working, you probably don’t give it a second thought. But if one thing goes wrong, you will quickly find out how much you depend on those pipes, lines and wires. Your plumbing is a … Continued


What Is Wrong With Low Flow Toilets?

Low flow toilets help save water, an important feature in a world that is intent on “living green”. Low flow toilets use less water to flush waste and, over time, these toilets can save thousands of gallons of water. However, low flow toilets are not without their problems. The problems arise from the feature that … Continued


What Is Green Plumbing?

There are many ways that you can do your part for the environment and planet. You can drive a hybrid automobile or, even better, not drive at all and utilize bicycles. You can use energy-saving lights and appliance, and you can make recycling a part of your daily routine. Another way to live a green … Continued


Toilet Paper and Plumbing Problems…Do They Go Hand In Hand?

Toilet paper. One of the simple luxuries of modern, civilized society.If you have ever traveled to a third world country, you have probablydiscovered what a wonderful thing toilet paper is. But if you spend muchtime around plumbers, you will probably discover what a wonderful thingtoilet paper isn’t. So, is it true? Does toilet paper really … Continued


What if Your Basement Smells Like a Sewer?

If you have ever walked into your basement and you were confronted with the aroma of a sewer, panic probably sets in. How do you determine where the smell is coming from and what it is? There are several common culprits to look for when this occurs. The two most common areas of the sewer … Continued


What Is A Safe Temperature For My Water Heater?

Do you have small children in your home? Or maybe an elderly mom or dadthat has recently moved in? While you may not think twice about the temperature of your water –you simply adjust it and wait for it to be comfortable for you –small children and elderly persons don’t have the reflexes you do.They … Continued


Why Does It Take So Long For The Hot Water To Reach My Faucets?

We all know the frustration of slow hot water. We stand at the sink to wash our hands, and we finish the task just as the water begins to warm. Or maybe it’s the shower that gets to you. You’re ready to jump in, but you either have to wait out the cold water in the … Continued


How To Dispose Of An Old Water Heater

While a water heater can provide you with many years of excellent service, at some point, you will have to replace it. If you use a professional to install a new water heater, you won’t have to ask the question “what do I do with my old water heater”, he’ll take it with him when … Continued


Does Cold Weather Impact Your Water Heater?

Brrrr. It’s the time of year here in Colorado where we get the most varied temperatures. You may wake up to a heavy chill or even frost in the air. A jacket is mandatory if you step outside even for a moment. Then in a matter of hours, you can be enjoying blue skies and … Continued


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