Expert Tips

Should I Close Air Vents If I’m Not Using a Room?

One of the easiest ways to control how much air flow moves into a room is to adjust the air vents. They come with dials to open and close down the amount of air that passes through. Why shouldn’t you use these convenient tools to close down air vents if you’re not using a room? … Continued


Gas or Electric HVAC – Which Is Right For You?

We’re changing the way we power just about everything right now. Have you made the switch from gas-powered vehicles to electric? What about placing solar panels on your roof? Or maybe you want a more efficient HVAC system. Should you choose gas or electric HVAC? It’s a question many homeowners are asking as they create … Continued


What Furnace Efficiency Ratings Really Mean

How do you tell one furnace apart from another? Like every other appliance inside your home, selecting the wrong furnace can cost you each month.  Take a look at a furnace, and you’ll discover they each come with a different efficiency rating. But what do furnace efficiency ratings really mean?  The National Appliance Energy Conservation … Continued


How To Reduce Energy Waste With Your HVAC Equipment

As temperatures dip into the teens and single digits, your HVAC equipment kicks into high gear to provide the heating source you need to keep warm. But as it ages, it takes more effort to keep up with the demands of keeping your indoor air supply properly conditioned. Luckily, a few proactive steps will reduce … Continued


Why Is My Room So Cold? It May Be Time For a Zoning HVAC System

Sometimes you start to notice your home is harder to heat. You may be hot in one room, only to find the next one freezing cold. Why is there a temperature difference between rooms? And more importantly, what can you do about it? The first step is realizing that your HVAC system needs maintenance throughout … Continued


Whole House Furnace Humidifiers May Be Just What You Need For Comfort

What do you love about Colorado winter? Maybe it’s skiing. Or maybe you love sitting in front of the fire with a great book in hand.  Yet with Colorado winters comes dry air inside your home. Itchy skin and dry, scratchy throats may be something you dread as you close up your home for the … Continued


This Is When You Should Service Your Furnace

Do you really need to service your furnace regularly? Think about all your furnace goes through in a year.  Here in Colorado, your furnace can operate almost every month of the year. Colorado’s weather can change 30, 40, even 50 degrees or more in a matter of hours. That can lead you to use your … Continued


Does Your Family Know These Furnace Safety Tips?

Your furnace keeps you warm. Your furnace keeps you comfortable too. But how many times do you think about how dangerous a furnace can be if not well cared for?  With these simple furnace safety tips, you can keep your family safe all winter long.  Remove the clutter In many cases, your furnace is located … Continued


Why Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping – It May Be Your HVAC

As a homeowner, you’ve probably experienced a power overload a time or two. You plug something in, turn something on, and poof, you’ve tripped the circuit breaker. No power to that zone in your house.  It’s annoying at best. But it could also be a sign that you have a problem somewhere in your system. … Continued


Yes, Gas Forced Furnaces Need Maintenance Too

There are several different types of furnaces. Here in Denver, gas force furnaces are one of the most common.  Gas forced furnaces use several different components that work together to keep you comfortable. Thermostat – this controls the temperature inside your home.  Draft hood/fan – air is drawn into the burners to mix with gas … Continued


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