Understanding the Basics of Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

Imagine keeping the temperature warmer in one area of your home while keeping it cooler in another. That’s one of the greatest advantages of zoned heating and cooling systems. 

Up until now, you might have had a more traditional HVAC system. It turns on. It turns off. The heat or air conditioner blows heated or cooled air when the system is on, then the equipment turns off, waiting to cycle on once again. 

Now you have another option. 

How a zoned heating and cooling system operates

Zoned heating and cooling systems have three components: thermostats, dampers, and a control panel. A thermostat monitors temperature in each zone or room and alerts the control panel when temperatures change. It sends signals back through to open/close dampers on air ducts accordingly.

Each zone has its own damper to regulate and control air flow. Each zone has a thermostat to control how hot or cold you prefer. The control panel assures airflow is managed throughout the ductwork, and continues to flow based on your desired heating or cooling needs.

Why zoned heating and cooling makes sense in today’s homes

A zoned heating and cooling system could help you cut your energy costs by up to 30 percent on an average home heating or cooling bill. When considering that energy expenses make up almost 40 percent of total utility expenses, these savings quickly add up.

Understanding the Basics of Zoned Heating and Cooling Systems

A zoned system will also improve overall efficiency and comfort. By controlling temperature individually in each area, a zoned system reduces cold and hot spots, making each room more comfortable. Tired of a cold first floor trying to keep your second floor comfortable for sleeping? Now you can control both entirely on their own. 

Zoned systems make sense if …

When homeowners first hear about zoned heating and cooling systems, they immediately see the potential. No more freezing basements or living spaces. No more sweltering bedrooms! The potential is exciting. 

Zoned systems work exceptionally well if you have:

A multi-level home – heat rises, which is why it can feel hotter on a second level. That compounds when your bedrooms remain hot on the warmest days of the year, and you fight to get a good night’s sleep. Being able to control temperatures through a zoned system can make your home more comfortable in every room. 

High ceilings – again, heat rises. This can be especially aggravating on cold days when the warm air moves upward, and you’re left shivering at ground level. A zoned system allows you to control the temperatures in rooms with specific needs, such as living spaces with high ceilings. It will enable the air to circulate and keep you more comfortable all year. 

Picture windows – they may be beautiful, but large windows can also wreak havoc on temperature control. You may get more sunlight in the summer, making it the hottest room in the house. Winter can make the inside temperature frigid. No more – you can control the room with its own zone system. 

Are you ready for zoned heating and cooling? 

We’re happy to assist homeowners in selecting which zones will best meet the comfort needs of their homes. We’ll help you determine how many zones will be necessary to keep everyone warm and cozy. The exact number depends on both how large your house is and the available space for ductwork.

Have additional questions about zoned systems? We’re here to help. 

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