Signs a Furnace is Going Out

Sometimes it’s hard to determine if something is broken or needs repair. Your furnace may make noises or give off odors whenever it turns on. But are those signs a furnace is going out? 

HVAC companies offer emergency repair. After all, furnaces operate round the clock – they don’t take off for a long weekend. But as a homeowner, you realize a service visit will cost more after hours than during the week. If you can read the signs, you can avoid the stress of furnace downtime, no heat, and a sky-high bill. 

That means monitoring the signs. 

You have an old furnace

Nothing lasts forever, including your furnace. And as a furnace ages, more things can go wrong. The average furnace life is 15 to 20 years. If you’re in this range or have one even older, it may be time to consider investing in a new one. It will provide you with a safer, more efficient heating source. 

Signs a Furnace is Going Out

Your energy bills are skyrocketing

It may seem like your utility company is constantly issuing a rate increase. But if you start noticing your utility bills are going up, up, up without any reason, it might be something to do with your furnace. As it loses efficiency, it may start running more frequently. This uses more fuel, which will show up on your energy bills. Yearly tune-ups can find root causes of potential problems, giving you a chance to make minor adjustments that will keep it running well all winter long. 

The burner flame color is changing

Gas furnaces should have a vibrant blue flame. When you look at it, if it appears weak, wavy, or flickering, it indicates gas is not being completely burned. It can also mean carbon monoxide isn’t venting away from the system. If it turns yellow, it signifies a dirty or partially blocked system. It’s time for a checkup. 

You have moisture buildup inside your home

If your furnace has been running a lot to compensate for cold weather, and you notice moisture on your windows, walls, or ceiling, it could be a sign there isn’t sufficient airflow moving throughout your home. This could either be a problem with the ductwork, or with the furnace itself. 

You’re constantly adjusting the thermostat

When you can’t get comfortable, you tend to adjust the thermostat up and down, looking for the perfect position. With today’s smart technology, your settings can be pretty accurate. If they’ve worked in the past and you suddenly find them lacking, there could be a disconnect in the system. You can start with your thermostat and ensure it’s working well. If so, it’s time to look deeper into your furnace for the answers.  

You’re experiencing more flu-like or cold symptoms

If a furnace is no longer performing well, it can release particulates and other contaminants into the air supply. This can also be caused by poor ventilation, so it’s essential to have it looked at immediately. At its worst, it may be releasing carbon monoxide into the air. Be sure to have a functional carbon monoxide detector alerting you to potential danger. 

Don’t ignore signs your furnace is going out

While all of them will impact how comfortable your home is, some may also affect your health. Ignoring the problem could put you and your family at risk.  

Don’t wait. Call in a technician today. We’ll help you make the right decision about furnace repair and replacement. 

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