HVAC Changes In 2023

Technology is changing everything, including HVAC. In 2023, the HVAC industry is moving forward in big ways for both efficiency and environmental friendliness. 

Raising the minimum efficiency standards

Beginning in 2023, the US Department of Energy raised the minimum efficiency standards on both heat pumps and central air conditioners. 

The HVAC industry uses SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) to describe cooling system efficiency. The higher the number, the more energy efficient the equipment is. 

The number represents the unit’s output during the cooling season divided by the amount of electricity used over that same period.  

As of January 1st, SEER is now referred to as SEER2. The main difference between the two is the testing conditions. The total external static pressure testing conditions have been raised to make them more typical of a residential setting. SEER didn’t properly account for the influence of ductwork, so the external static test pressure often didn’t replicate real-world applications.  

HVAC Changes In 2023

SEER2 ranges from 13 to 21. The efficiency will vary based on the size of your home, your ductwork, and other variables. Even with high SEER2 ratings, it’s still helpful to use additional energy savings tactics to maximize the efficiency of your home.  

If your equipment is older than 15 years, upgrading will offer more energy-saving features, and provide more comfort throughout your home. 

New refrigerants

The other significant change for 2023 is the refrigerant manufacturers will now use in residential cooling systems and heat pumps. 

Since 2010, a refrigerant called R410a has been used in all residential cooling systems. This refrigerant has high global warming potential and could harm the environment if and when it leaks from the system. The EPA is phasing down the manufacturing of this product over the coming years until it’s no longer available. 

New cooling systems will contain a new refrigerant called R-454b with lower global warming potential. You cannot retrofit old equipment with this new refrigerant. 

Although R-410a is available for equipment repairs in the coming years, all new equipment will have the new refrigerant. Whether you wish to update your current system with new technology, or simply do your part to create a greener environment, now may be the time to invest in new cooling technology. 

Are you ready for the new HVAC changes? 

Want more efficient HVAC equipment? Want bigger savings on your utility bills? Want a greener home environment? 

Now may be the time to upgrade your HVAC equipment and take advantage of the biggest changes 2023 brings to the industry. 

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