A Hybrid Home Includes Hybrid HVAC

You can’t help but read articles on sustainability, carbon emissions, and conservation. They’re everywhere. 

When you look at making changes in your own home, you might start simple: turning off the water when you brush your teeth, or investing in a smart thermostat to better control the inside temperature. 

But what if you could do more? Why not invest in a hybrid HVAC system?

Heat pumps are growing in popularity throughout the US as a way to heat and cool your home more efficiently. They’re powered by electricity and are especially efficient in reducing energy emissions when compared to furnaces utilizing natural gas. 

However, switching out how you currently heat and cool your home here in Colorado isn’t easy. There can be a substantial investment to switch the way your utilities are processed and service your home. 

Enter a hybrid HVAC system. 

Many homeowners have switched to hybrid cars, enjoying the efficiencies of working with gas- and electricity-powered vehicles. Hybrid HVAC systems work similarly. Hybrid HVAC systems work on electricity when it’s the most efficient way to produce conditioned air, then switch to natural gas as a backup. 

More people are turning to hybrid systems because they eliminate much of the upfront costs associated with the conversion. You’ll still utilize many of the components you already have in place. Yet you’ll enjoy the benefits of operating your home as efficiently as possible, depending on what currently works for your heating and cooling needs.  

Need more convincing hybrid HVAC is the way to go?

It gives you fuel flexibility – you can switch between electricity and natural gas based on efficiency, outside temperatures, and affordability. 

It gives you greater functionality within one system – you won’t have to install an entirely new system. A hybrid heating and cooling system utilizes the components you already have in place.

It provides more comfort – hybrid systems enhance the cooling capabilities for a more comfortable, more affordable approach to summertime cooling. 

It reduces environmental impact – it’s an affordable way to upgrade your current HVAC equipment and reap the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously. 

Are you in the market for a new HVAC system? If so, it might be time to consider a hybrid HVAC system. It’s a great approach to providing warm winters and cool summers all year.  

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