The Future of Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling – it’s something we all take for granted. We turn to our thermostats when we’re hot or cold, adjusting the temperatures until we feel comfortable in our homes. 

According to the International Energy Agency, about 1.6 billion HVAC units are currently used. By 2030, this number will grow to 5.6 billion.  

We already know that HVAC is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas and global warming. Still, when we’re adding ten new units every second somewhere in the world, it makes you think differently about your approach to heating and cooling.

Many will tell you the answer is in new technology. 

Energy leaders are already building for a more sustainable future. Buildings can now reduce their energy use and carbon emissions by combining heating and cooling into one system. Thermal storage systems can create highly efficient systems that keep people healthy and comfortable. 

The Future of Sustainable Heating and Cooling

While much of the innovation involves making commercial spaces more efficient, a lot is happening in residential HVAC too. 

Variable speed technology offers energy efficiency within a home. Standard HVAC technology is either on or off; there is no controlling how much conditioned air is forced into your home. Variable speed changes that by creating a more efficient system for regulating home temperatures.  

Heating and cooling isn’t the only thing that matters in home efficiency. Humidity control also has a role in keeping homes comfortable and helping keep utility bills under control. 

A pandemic has also shown that health is of vital importance. Air purifiers work together with heating and cooling systems to address indoor air quality, and create healthy living environments. 

Of course, technology is also changing our approach to heating and cooling. Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity help control temperatures and functionality, helping you better manage your home’s atmosphere. It also gives service techs a better idea of where to look when a problem arises. 

No matter how old or new your heating and cooling equipment is, there are things you can do right now to improve efficiency. Give us a call today and schedule a home energy audit where we can show you how to improve your home’s heating and cooling for an impact you’ll notice well into the future. 

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