What is an HVAC Zoned System?

An HVAC zoned system is also known as zoned HVAC. It’s a system that utilizes dampers in the ductwork to control the way heated and cooled air flow. This allows you to customize your heating and cooling solutions for increased comfort and efficiency. 

Prefer one zone colder while another is warmer? HVAC zoned systems make it possible. 

Who can benefit from HVAC zoned systems?

Zoned HVAC is the next technological advance in HVAC. That’s because almost every home can benefit from having a zoned system that allows you to better control the way your home is heated and cooled. Do you have a room that’s always too hot or cold? This is the perfect way to control temperatures. 

What is an HVAC Zoned System?

It also works well in multi-level homes. If the main level is too cold when you try and cool the second-level rooms, zoned HVAC may be the way to go. 

Have large windows or an expansive display of glass? Your HVAC system is working in overdrive, trying to compensate for heat loss. Zoned systems may be perfect for you. 

Or maybe you’re one of many who are now working out of your home. Your home office is a little uncomfortable … so you adjust the entire HVAC system. Zoned heating and cooling could be the perfect solution. 

What are the benefits of HVAC zoned systems?

Most HVAC systems use a single on-off system. The system turns on until it reaches the desired temperature, then turns off until it’s needed again. HVAC zoned systems allow you to create as many as four temperature-controlled zones to help control overheating or overcooling throughout your home. When used with a programmable thermostat, you’ll be able to save as much as 35 percent off your normal monthly utility bills. 

Having an HVAC zoned system means you’ll have:

  • Better energy efficiency – it allows you to control the amount of conditioned air moving to each area. You’ll use less energy to keep your home comfortable. 
  • Personalized comfort – it gives everyone in your home a chance to be at their desired level of comfort. You control temperatures individually by zones, giving each zone the option of being as cold or as warm as you desire. 
  • Even temperatures – tired of the hot or cold spots throughout your home? Controlling heated and cooled air by region gives you more control. 

If you’re interested in learning more about HVAC zoned systems and how they can make you more comfortable and energy efficient, give us a call today. 

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