MythBusters: Have Rooms You Don’t Use? Close The Vents 

Do you have a large home that’s expensive to heat and cool? You might be looking for easy ways to lower your monthly utility bills. 

Many homeowners settle on the idea of closing vents in rooms you don’t use. But is that a good thing to do? Is it a myth that will cost you more money in the long run? Or will closing the vents help you save money?

Let’s start by understanding how your HVAC works. When the HVAC system was initially installed, it wove ductwork around your home to open up into every room. Vents and registers are used to control the way heated and cooled air move. A well designed HVAC system ensured the ductwork was properly placed. Each vent has a purpose of creating a perfect balance of conditioned air throughout your home. 

MythBusters: Have Rooms You Don’t Use? Close The Vents 

Then your HVAC operates throughout the year. Every time it turns on and off, the ductwork expands and contracts. That creates pressure in different places throughout your home. It can cause air leaks, which only increases pressure. 

Now close a vent. Because the air supply can no longer flow as designed, it circulates to another space, possibly creating greater leaks. 

This high pressure will also cause blower motors to work harder as they attempt to control the airflow. Because it isn’t designed for high pressure, it slows down and creates lower airflow. This means less heated or cooled air flows throughout your home. It also impacts every aspect of your system, making the furnace and air conditioner work harder than normal. 

With more wear and tear, it can create greater chances of internal damage. Meaning you’ll be servicing your equipment more. What should you do instead?

  • Upgrade old HVAC equipment to more efficient models. You’ll be more comfortable and have more efficiency throughout your home. 
  • Add a zoning system that gives you the ability to zone your home according to your needs. Only heat and cool the zones you’re currently using. It provides maximum efficiency without the potential for increased repair bills. 

Is your HVAC equipment as efficient as possible? 

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