Furnace Tune-Ups Are The Key To Efficiency

What does it mean for a furnace to work well? For most homeowners, it means:

  • Keeping us comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside
  • Keeping our utility bills as low as possible

We don’t think much about the furnace as long as each of these is in place. But a sudden change in comfort level, or a higher than average utility bill may stop us in our tracks. What’s wrong? 

Did you schedule a furnace tune-up before the heart of the winter set in?

A furnace tune-up is like heading to the doctor for your annual physical. Or getting a car inspection before your next road trip. It’s what you do to ensure everything is working well. And if a minor disruption is found, it gives you a chance to fix it before a more significant problem escalates. 

There are many reasons for scheduling a furnace tune-up now:

Furnace Tune-Ups Are The Key To Efficiency

Avoid breakdowns and emergencies

If you’ve ever experienced a “no heat” emergency on the coldest day of the year, you’ve seen how vital furnace maintenance can be. A tune-up will quickly identify potential problems on your timetable, instead of waiting for a breakdown at an inopportune time. 


A tune-up allows you to keep the furnace cleaned and well maintained, ensuring long life from the equipment. The better you maintain it throughout its life, the longer the lifespan. 

Air quality

When the furnace operates the way it was designed, you’ll receive all of the benefits:

  • A comfortable living space
  • Safety and security
  • Clean air supply

Furnaces use fuel and electrical components for maximum efficiency. Both of those can lead to high risk if they aren’t performing optimally. A malfunction or leak can cause a safety problem, and impact your home with fire hazards. A fuel leak can also pose a health risk, releasing harmful chemicals into the air supply. 


When was the last time you read your furnace’s warranty? Most manufacturers require an annual tune-up throughout the warranty. This ensures little problems are found early and fixed before they grow into bigger issues. 

When was your furnace’s last tune-up? If you haven’t scheduled yours yet, why not do it now? It’s a great way to ensure your furnace is in great working condition before the cold winter months set in. 

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