Signs You Have a Bad Thermostat

What equipment is part of your HVAC? Most homeowners will think: furnace, air conditioner, ducts, and ventilation. Yet without a thermostat in place, the entire system will grind to a grinding halt, eliminating your ability to control how cool or warm your house becomes. 

It’s your thermostat that helps keep you comfortable year-round. 

If you’ve noticed problems with heating or cooling control, it may be time to explore whether you have a bad thermostat. There are a few simple ways to determine if it’s your thermostat:

Signs You Have a Bad Thermostat

Replace the battery – if your HVAC system operates using a digital thermostat, a weak or dead battery may be all that’s causing the problem. It’s easy to check – does the digital panel light up? If it’s dead, replacing the battery should allow the system to be fully functional again. 

Inspect thermostat switches – depending on your thermostat, you may have a variety of switches and tabs. Inspect them to ensure they aren’t loose or broken. Ensure they are set to where they belong. Any problems may be an indicator you need a new thermostat. 

Inspect thermostat mechanisms – while you can easily touch and inspect the outside of the thermostat, the inside may be filled with wires, switches, and buttons. Remove the cover and take a look; is there anything that looks out of the ordinary? If dust builds up, carefully remove the dust. 

Simple checks can tell you a lot about your thermostat. If you think you have a bad thermostat, it’s a good idea to replace it sooner rather than later. While it’s easy to push it aside when the weather is milder, it doesn’t take long in Colorado for the temperatures to become more extreme, and use your HVAC throughout the day. 

Give us a call today – we can help you make the right choice in thermostats to give you better control over your indoor air quality. 

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