Is HVAC Zoning Worth The Investment?

How many times have you turned your thermostat up when you enter one room, only to adjust it again as you spend time in another? It’s a common problem. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could set different temperatures in different rooms based on comfort and need? You can, with HVAC zoning. 

Head back several decades, and traditional HVAC systems worked well in these smaller homes. The on/off function provided enough heat or cooling to keep the home comfortable. 

Sizes have changed significantly since then, and today’s larger houses have different needs. Upper levels often can be several degrees warmer or cooler than their lower level counterparts. 

With a zoned system, you control how and when each zone is heated or cooled. You get the most out of an HVAC zoning system if you have:

Is HVAC Zoning Worth The Investment?
  • A multi-story home
  • A basement
  • Living space in an attic
  • High ceilings
  • A sunroom
  • A room over a garage
  • A large floor plan with multiple wings
  • Large windows 

Using a series of dampers and two or more thermostats, you can control the temperature in each of your home’s zones. Dampers are installed on the trunk duct of the HVAC systems. The dampers are controlled either manually or automatically, depending on the system’s sophistication. Once in place, you can set and change each zone’s temperature based on your needs. Once in place, the benefits are many. 

Saves energy

The most obvious is saving energy. Why heat rooms you aren’t in? For a big house, that can be an expensive problem. If your family is huddled in the kitchen and living room for a cold winter day, why keep the upstairs bedrooms at the same temperature? This allows you to control the temperature depending on where you are inside your home. You’ll reap the rewards by having a lower heating bill. 

Reduces maintenance costs

Instead of playing the “up and down” game as you control the temperature by adjusting the thermostat, you’ll be more likely to set the temperature and leave it be. This puts less strain on the HVAC system, meaning it’ll need fewer repairs over time. 

Provides more comfort

If you’ve ever fought over temperature control as family members spend time in different sections of the home, you know how beneficial this can be. Upstairs can be adjusted separately from a room in the basement that is always several degrees warmer or cooler. You can regulate each zone based on personal tastes and needs. 

Is HVAC zoning right for your home? 

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