Do You Have an HVAC Emergency?

It seems to take longer to heat your rooms. You notice a funny smell coming from the ventilation. What’s that clunking sound every time the HVAC system turns on? 

Maybe it’s an HVAC emergency. 

Or is it something you can put off?

Anytime you notice something unusual with your heating and cooling, it can fill your mind with questions. You might see money flash before your eyes, knowing a repair bill could make a dent in your budget. 

Is there a way to tell how serious the problem is? The answer is: Yes. Read on to determine what constitutes an HVAC emergency, and when it’s important to contact a technician immediately. 


Any time your HVAC equipment makes an unusual sound, it’s worth investigating. It’s a sign that there’s an issue with a component of the system. 

Do You Have an HVAC Emergency?
  • A screeching noise indicates there is a high level of pressure within the compressor. It could also be that a fan belt has come loose. A quick diagnosis will find the underlying cause and help you fix it quickly. 
  • Popping or buzzing noises usually indicate a problem with the electrical components. This could be a potentially dangerous situation, so the sooner it’s checked, the better. 
  • Thumping noises often indicate a problem with the blower fan blades. Something might be stuck, or something loosened up. While it could eventually lead to more serious problems, it’s not something you need to call in someone immediately for. Schedule it at your earliest convenience. 
  • Clicking sounds are from the inside air handler or outside compressor. A clicking sound when you first turn on the equipment may be its way of warming up. If it continues, it’s a sign of a bigger problem. Schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. 

Smells and odors

Do you notice a musty smell when you first turn the system on? That’s from the system sitting idling for weeks or months since it last turned on. 

If it’s something more, a burning smell that continues as it runs, it could be a sign of electrical problems. It’s often coming from a part of the system that’s melting from the heat. This is worth investigating with a reputable technician before you continue using your equipment again. 

Lack of airflow

Are you having trouble keeping your home comfortable and at your desired temperature? Does it seem like the airflow is barely coming from the vents? 

This could be caused by many different things. Locating the problem will require a technician to move through a checklist of items to pinpoint where the problem lies. While not something you’ll have to move in quick action for, it is something you should schedule as soon as possible. That’s the easiest way to minimize the chance of increased damage, and get your equipment back to good working condition as quickly as possible. 

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