Do Air Conditioners Lose Efficiency Over Time?

Every major home appliance wears down and loses efficiency over time. That includes your air conditioner. 

How do you know just how efficient your air conditioner is? When is the best time for repairing the equipment? When should you consider replacing it? 

Your air conditioner isn’t something you use year-round. Before the summer heat kicks in, and your air conditioner becomes a daily routine, you can do a few things to determine how efficient it is. 

Wear and tear

Just like any piece of equipment you use in your home, an air conditioner wears down over time. The more you use it, degradation is inevitable. An air conditioner has the added problem of being located outside, where it’s subjected to the elements every single day. Ice and snow can build up in the winter. Heat and sunlight can wear down parts in the summer months. And if you pile up outdoor equipment, or allow landscaping to grow around it, it can further degrade the operability of the unit. 

Do Air Conditioners Lose Efficiency Over Time?

Regular maintenance starts with caring for the unit itself. Check it periodically to ensure it’s free and clear from overgrown landscaping and outdoor equipment piling up around it. Check to ensure the components remain in good working condition. And schedule regular maintenance visits with an HVAC technician to ensure it stays in good working condition. 


Refrigerant leaks are one of the biggest problems impacting air conditioning equipment. It’s also a problem with environmental regulation. Refrigerants have changed a lot over the years. If your air conditioning equipment is more than a few years old, chances are it no longer meets government regulations. R22, a common refrigerant used in older air conditioning models, has been phased out. If your unit still uses older refrigerant, your equipment isn’t efficient, and will have to be replaced instead of being repaired. 


As parts begin to wear down, you’ll notice decreased efficiency in a number of ways. Have your utility bills started to rise? Have you noticed hot or cold spots throughout your home? Or maybe your air conditioner never seems to get your home cooled, even though it appears to run more than ever. 

A problem like this is best handled through regular maintenance. With regular care, you can ensure your air conditioner stays in good shape for as long as possible. And you’ll be able to consider a system replacement without an emergency situation. 

How can we help you ensure your air conditioner is as efficient as possible? 

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