How Pets Impact Your Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever walked into a home and instantly known there were pets in the vicinity? Pets impact indoor air quality more than you know. 

While they bring joy, love, and hours of entertainment to your life, pets also release dander. It can be subtle enough that you aren’t even aware of it. Your allergies increase slowly over time, and you blame it on everything from the changing seasons to the foods you eat. 

Yet when you live with pet dander, your allergies can worsen over time. And your HVAC system actually adds to the problem, picking up trace amounts and moving them all throughout your home. This is a perfect way for your allergy symptoms to grow. And if you have more serious respiratory issues such as asthma, they can worsen over time. 

Impact of Pets on Indoor Air Quality in Aurora, CO
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Pet dander consists of skin cells, hair, dried saliva, and other particles pets release inside your home. This is deposited on your flooring, furniture, and drapery, and can move into the air supply where it circulates throughout the ductwork if your HVAC isn’t working very well. 

The best way to ensure your house is kept as clean as possible is to ensure your HVAC is working well. This means both your furnace and air conditioner are in top working condition, and your ventilation system is pushing the air supply throughout your home without leaking or blockages. 

Start by changing your air filters regularly. This simple act can ensure the airway stays clean, and particles are accumulated in the filter before they move into the air supply. 

You should also schedule seasonal maintenance visits. Before you turn your furnace and air conditioner on at the start of the season, call in a technician to ensure your equipment is working well. This is the easiest way to avoid future problems on the warmest and coldest days of the year. If you fix minor issues within the system early, you can prevent larger problems down the road. 

You can also consider an air purification system to improve the air quality throughout your home. These systems use a filter to trap large particles, followed by a second one that further cleans the air supply. It uses a positive electronic charge in the air supply so that it’s attracted to negatively charged collection devices. These give you cleaner air supply than you could achieve without it. 

From maintaining your current HVAC equipment, to helping you select the right air purification system for your home, our team can help you with all of your indoor air questions. Give us a call today to make your home a more comfortable place to live. 

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