I’m Using My Air Conditioner More – Should I Service It More?

The temperatures around the Denver Metro area are creeping higher. We’re using our air conditioners more months of the year. 

Even if you purchased a top of the line air conditioner, it still requires service from time to time. As it ages and is put under stress from the on/off performance for keeping your home cool, it loses efficiency and may not operate as well as it once did. 

But what does that mean for you? How often should you service your air conditioner? What can you do to ensure a long life? 

Scheduling a service visit for your air conditioner

If you talk to neighbors or friends, there can be a lot of wiggle room about how often you should schedule regular maintenance visits with an HVAC technician. We recommend service calls twice per year: spring and fall. 

I’m Using My Air Conditioner More - Should I Service It More?

In the spring, as the weather is warming up, a service visit allows a technician to check the various parts of the HVAC system, tune up the air conditioning unit, and ensure it’s ready for the hot weather to come. In the fall, the furnace will be serviced and tuned to ensure it’s ready for the winter. 

What air conditioner maintenance looks like

When a technician services your air conditioner, their goal is to ensure it operates as efficiently as possible, and gives it the longest lifespan possible. 

They’ll lubricate parts to ensure they operate smoothly. They clean parts to ensure they’re fully functional. 

They perform tests on electricity and airflow to ensure the unit is running optimally. 

All parts are assessed, cleaned, repaired, or replaced, as necessary. Refrigerant levels are checked as well. 

The condensate drain is a problematic area that frequently clogs after a long winter of no use. Technicians inspect it, clean it out, check for mold, and get it back into operations once again. 

Then they check the thermostat to ensure it’s accurate and will control the air conditioning unit at proper levels. 

They’ll change the filter, evaluate the ventilation system, and be sure conditioned air is flowing freely to every room in your home. 

When they leave, you will be confident your air conditioner will run optimally for the summer months ahead. 

Have you scheduled your maintenance visit yet this year? 

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