Have a New House? This Is What You Need To Know About HVAC

The average time it takes to build a new house has changed very little over the past few decades. In 2021, the average length of time from start to finish was 7.2 months. It takes just over 7 months to go from concept on a blueprint to a finished house ready for people to move into. That includes installing all of the essential systems such as HVAC and plumbing, to finalizing decor items such as paint and window coverings. 

That also includes having dozens of people move in and out of your home, working simultaneously to ensure one project after another is performed correctly and in the right order. 

For your HVAC system, that includes proper placement of every component of the system, ensuring it’s operating well before move-in day. Yet that doesn’t always happen. In fact, it’s the top reason we are called in shortly after move-in day.

Your HVAC system is your home’s largest energy resource. It impacts you every single month in the form of utility bills. And if it’s not installed correctly inside your new home, it will shorten the lifespan of your heating and cooling equipment. 

Have a New House? This Is What You Need To Know About HVAC

The installation process

Even the best home builders use teams of HVAC subcontractors to finish the work. They may have a contractor in charge of development, and use multiple inspectors throughout the process. But with so many systems and details going into a new home, it’s pretty likely that not all of the pieces will come together. There might be a problem with your HVAC system if:

  • You’ve already had a breakdown of equipment
  • You need repairs to the system, and it’s less than two years old
  • Your home never seems comfortable – there are hot and cold spots throughout your home

HVAC warranties

New homes come with multiple warranties to protect you from problems after you move in. Yet if the HVAC equipment isn’t installed correctly, the manufacturer won’t honor the warranty. 

This can show up in many ways. 

We often see it where equipment is installed without considering servicing in the future. Doors, beams, or other home items installed after the HVAC may prevent it from being serviced effectively. If the furnace door faces a wall, for example, it might require removing it and relocating it to ensure it’s serviceable in the future. 

Have questions about your new home HVAC system? 

Whether you have a new build, a new-to-you home, or have lived in your home for years, we can help ensure that your HVAC system operates well and keeps you comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. 

Give us a call today and schedule your appointment to ensure your HVAC equipment is working effectively. 

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