Get Ready For Your HVAC Service Call With These Tips

Have you been holding back making a call to your local HVAC company, wary of the process? Have you let the horror stories of the industry hold you back from inspecting your heating and cooling equipment? 

Scheduling an HVAC service call doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Whether you have a specific problem you want looked at, or merely wish to have your equipment inspected before the season begins, there are ways to ensure your HVAC service call is effective. 

Give a clear picture

The first step is an easy one. When you contact an HVAC company and schedule a service call, be sure to give a clear picture as to the nature of the visit. You may even wish to write down a few notes before the call. Try and answer these questions ahead of time, to be sure to have all the information necessary to help the scheduler send the right technician, and ensure they have what it takes to get the job done. 

Get Ready For Your HVAC Service Call With These Tips
  • What is the problem? 
  • When did it originate?
  • Is the system running at all? 
  • Are there hot or cold spots?
  • Does the equipment sound like it always does?
  • Do you notice any unusual smells?
  • How old is the system?
  • Do you have a warranty?

Seasonal maintenance is scheduled in spring and fall, before the start of each season. It’s designed to ensure your cooling or heating system is operational for the coming season. It’s generally a separate visit from repair work you’re calling in for. If you tell us your concerns ahead of time, we can plan accordingly. 

Share your circumstances

We pride ourselves on giving you a service call time window, and staying in touch so you know when we’ll be there. But there are always extenuating circumstances that can alter plans. If another job takes longer than expected, we may be delayed. 

Do you have scheduling concerns? Do you have family members at home impacted by the service call? Share those with us ahead of time so we can be prepared on your servicing day. 

The more you share upfront, the better experience you’ll have during the service call. 

It’s also good to know that while HVAC companies will make service calls 24 hours of the day, they may not be able to complete a service in the middle of the night. They can stop the emergency, but if they don’t have a part on their service truck, it might not be fixable until the following day when they have access to service parts. 

Some problems take time

Are you dealing with a warranty issue? It may take time to ensure your visit is fully covered by the warranty. While warranties often cover the equipment, it’s common not to include the labor. If it’s a faulty part covered under warranty, sometimes it will only be covered after the part has been returned to the manufacturer and inspected. That means you’ll cover the repair and be reimbursed after the fact. 

Have a question? Give us a call.

Whether you request a service call for a regular maintenance visit, or have a specific repair in mind, the best place to start is with the very first call. Be prepared to give us the big picture. Spend a few minutes understanding the problem before you call. This information can help us be better prepared when we visit, and make our time spent on the repair more succinct. 

How can we help you with your HVAC equipment? Give us a call today. 

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