It’s 100 Degrees! Here’s What Your HVAC Wants To Tell You

We’re midway through summer, and have had record-setting heat so far. But we’re a long way from cooler weather. If last year was any indication, 100 degree temperatures are possible well into the fall. 

Is your HVAC system up for the job?

While HVAC maintenance is often preferred in the spring and fall as we head into new seasons, and start using equipment that has sat dormant for a few months, if your equipment has had a lot of use, now may be the perfect time for a tune-up. 

An HVAC maintenance tune-up in the middle of summer will look at your AC equipment thoroughly, ensuring it’s operating as efficiently as possible. During these hot, dry conditions, it can collect more dust, dirt, and debris. Spending a lot of time at home with a lot of activity can accumulate even more. 

It’s 100 Degrees! Here’s What Your HVAC Wants To Tell You

HVAC maintenance in midsummer will do a thorough checkup, and include things like:

Air filter replacement – summertime means your AC will frequently run, allowing the air filter to collect more dirt and debris. If you have pets or a busy household, buildup may be even more prevalent. Change air filters at a minimum of every season, monthly if you spend a lot of time at home. This helps prevent allergen buildup, uneven cooling, and short cycling. 

Ensure air ducts are cleared – if you’ve never cleaned your air ducts, it may be worth the investment to ensure the system is operating efficiently. You should also ensure air flows from vent to vent without obstruction, making sure each vent is open without drapery or furniture blocking the airflow. 

Check for refrigerant leaks – refrigerant is a key component to ensure your home stays cool. Signs of a possible refrigerant leak include higher utility bills, longer run times for efficient cooling, constant cycling, and more. 

Electrical inspection – over time, wiring can degrade or deteriorate. A technician will do a complete check of the wiring to ensure everything is working correctly. 

Thermostat accuracy – your thermostat is critical to your HVAC system. A technician ensures it’s communicating correctly with the system, and is helping your system operate effectively. 

Here in the heat of the summer, if you’ve noticed your HVAC system isn’t operating as well as it once did, don’t wait for it to break down. Call us in for an inspection instead, and avoid an emergency situation and possibly days of discomfort. We’ll have your HVAC system back up and operational in no time. 

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