How Air Conditioning Works With Your Plumbing System

Water damage is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. 

Sometimes it’s easy to spot – a broken pipe will flood an area with water until you stop the source. 

Other times it can be much more complicated – a small leak in a pipe behind drywall can take years to find. 

In all cases, water damage can do extensive damage to your home in a very short time. That’s why as a homeowner, you keep your eyes open for signs of potential problems. 

How Air Conditioning Works With Your Plumbing System
  • Is there a musty smell that can’t be explained?
  • Do noticeable stains appear on walls or ceilings?
  • Do you hear a dripping sound and can’t find the source?
  • Are plumbing fixtures damp or show signs of corrosion?
  • When the air conditioner is operating, is water dripping in or around your condensate drain?

What is a condensate drain?

Underneath your air conditioning unit sits a large metal pan. This is what’s known as your condensate drain. When your air conditioner operates, water collected from the air needs a place to go. As it condenses from air into water, it moves into the drip pan and out of the drain line. 

Most homeowners don’t think much about the condensate drain, yet it’s an essential part of the HVAC system. If it becomes clogged with debris, it won’t drain properly. And that can impact your home in multiple ways. 

  • It can damage your air conditioning unit
  • It can increase humidity levels inside your home
  • It can cause mold and mildew
  • It can allow the unit to rust and corrode 

If the problem continues for too long, it can cause major repair work, or even full replacement of your air conditioning equipment. 

Condensate drain and plumbing system

In some cases, the air conditioner’s condensate drain is independent and not connected to the plumbing system. In other homes, the condensate drain is connected and is usually linked to a sink. 

If you have a big clog in the system and the two are interconnected, not only will you have problems with your cooling system, but you’ll notice a backup in your plumbing system as well. If a sink and the condensate drain are both clogged, it’s a clear indicator the two systems work together. 

Regardless of how they work, problems can be avoided with regular maintenance

When was the last time you had your HVAC and plumbing systems inspected? Make spot-checking different points in both systems regularly, and if you notice a potential problem, have it inspected before it turns into a bigger problem. 

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