Yes, Gas Forced Furnaces Need Maintenance Too

There are several different types of furnaces. Here in Denver, gas force furnaces are one of the most common. 

Gas forced furnaces use several different components that work together to keep you comfortable.

  • Thermostat – this controls the temperature inside your home. 
  • Draft hood/fan – air is drawn into the burners to mix with gas for the combustion process to take place. A draft-induced fan makes this process cleaner on high-efficiency furnaces. The fan also directs the heat from the burners into the heat exchanger where exhaust can exit your home. 
  • Burners – furnace burners direct the gas and control the flame. 
  • Heat exchanger – a series of tubes that are heated by the burners to control the inside air temperatures. 
  • Blower – a fan that directs conditioned air into the return vents. 
  • Flue – collects spent combustible gasses and carries them outside the home. 

Any one part can go out at any time. When a problem exists within the system, it can lower efficiency, or reduce the heating process, causing discomfort inside your home. A regular maintenance schedule can correct potential problems before they escalate. That can include:

Yes, Gas Forced Furnaces Need Maintenance Too

Change out filters – this should be performed regularly. The busier the household, the more often you should change your filter. Monthly for active households, quarterly at a minimum. 

Clean the burners – the burners need to be cleaned periodically to prevent soot and condensation from building up. A pro will do this as a part of their annual checkup. 

Check the gas line – while working with natural gas should always be left to the professionals, you can pay attention to any sign of a leak. A hissing sound near the gas valve signals a problem. Keeping an up-to-date carbon monoxide detector in your home will also warn you of any problems. If you smell gas, move to safety and call in a pro right away. 

Have any other questions concerning your gas forced furnace? We’re here to help. Give us a call today. 

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