You’re Going To Love Variable Speed Technology

When you think about how your furnace or air conditioner functions, chances are it’s at one set level: on or off. When the thermostat registers a change in temperature past your desired level, it turns on your HVAC system and blows conditioned air throughout the system and into your home. 

The trouble is, these systems aren’t the most efficient. They turn on until the desired temperature is reached, then shut down and wait for the house to cool down or heat up. It turns the system on again only when it moves past your selected temperature. 

Inefficiency comes from this up and down, on and off process. 

You’re Going To Love Variable Speed Technology

What if you could have variable speed technology that worked to keep it at your desired temperature level, thus reducing the inefficiencies with on/off processes? 

While it may sound too good to be true, variable speed technology is built into today’s HVAC equipment. 

Instead of using on/off programming, a variable speed fan works to keep your home at your set temperature. The air supply turns on and brings the temperature to the set level. Then it reduces the speed of air flow, allowing the air to stay properly mixed and at your desired level. 

The warm and cool air stay properly mixed, meaning your comfort stays at a constant. 

That’s the biggest advantage of this technology, but there’s more. 

Does your furnace sound like a freight train as it turns on and off? Because a variable speed continues to run, you’ll never get that sudden burst of sound as your system turns on. And as it reduces the output, it grows quieter, meaning it’ll always be in the background. 

You’ll also have a higher level of comfort. Instead of chilling before the furnace turns back on, you’ll have a consistent stream of air keeping you at your desired temperature. A constant air supply also means your air is always being filtered, and will never allow stagnant air to settle into your home. This can be a big plus in the winter, when you’re trying to stay as healthy as possible. 

Variable speed technology is also a perfect addition to zoned heating and cooling, where you can establish different zones throughout your home. This allows you to individually control how hot or cold different sections are at different times of the day. Keep your bedrooms cool when you’re in your living space, and reverse it late at night. 

If you’re living with old technology, you’re going to be surprised at what today’s HVAC systems have in store for your home. Comfort, efficiency, and cost can all be boosted by installing new technology. 

Want to learn more about variable speed technology? Give us a call today. 

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