Why HVAC Maintenance Isn’t a DIY Job

As a homeowner, it pays to be handy and ready to take on different projects all the time. It may require tinkering with the sprinkler system this week, and fixing a broken window the next. There’s an unlimited supply of projects -between updates and maintenance, you’ll never grow bored. 

Yet homeowners are notorious for jumping in with both feet on projects way above their abilities. Maybe it’s the home improvement shows they watch on television. They start ripping down wallboards and pulling apart entire systems before realizing they’re in way over their heads. 

Before you tackle your next project, start with a question first: Is this truly something I can finish safely without putting my home or family in harm’s way?

Why HVAC Maintenance Isn’t a DIY Job

For HVAC projects, it’s best always to leave the work to the professionals. That’s because the HVAC system requires extensive knowledge in many areas that an average homeowner knows nothing about. If you work on the HVAC system yourself, you can put yourself at risk from:

  • The electrical system since you’ll be working with wiring
  • Carbon monoxide and other toxic fumes
  • Asbestos, depending on the age of your system
  • Burns from very hot equipment 

Without proper training, you can’t guarantee that the work you perform is accurate and up to code. Imagine causing a small leak of toxic fumes inside your home. Carbon monoxide is a killer. You may not detect the warning signs your system puts out as you’re working through the problem. 

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive systems inside your home. Depending on the age, it may come with a warranty. Most manufacturers will null and void a warranty if they determine it wasn’t maintained up to their expectations. That includes being worked on by a certified technician. Even a minor repair can leave you without coverage for years of service. 

Saving money is important to homeowners. After all, there are a lot of home maintenance projects to tackle each week. 

But the next time you have a problem with your furnace or air conditioner, don’t tackle the job alone. Call in a professional instead. 

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