Is Air Conditioning A Problem For Your Allergies?

More than 50 million Americans live with common allergies. If that describes you, you may dread spring and fall when your allergies seem to flair up with the changes of the season. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Denver is one of the friendliest places for allergy sufferers. But that’s of little consequence if you deal with the outcome daily. 

It might be the trees in full bloom or the pollen circulating in the air supply. 

Or maybe it’s your air conditioner. 

How can an air conditioner impact allergies?

Have you ever heard someone say they’re allergic to air conditioning? Once the air conditioner turns on and starts to cool the room, coughing and sneezing begin, so it’s a logical assumption. 

Is Air Conditioning A Problem For Your Allergies?

In truth, AC units can have a bigger impact on curbing irritants and reducing allergy symptoms. A residential HVAC system is designed to trap particles inside the air filtration system to make the air supply cleaner. 

A clean air filter will help trap things like pet dander, dust, dirt, pollen, mold, and mildew. That’s why HVAC professionals recommend replacing your air filter seasonally. at a minimum, more frequently if you have an active household. 

The benefits of a properly working air conditioner are many

While most homeowners think an air conditioner is designed only for cooling, an AC unit has more purposes:

Improves air quality – an air conditioner plays a significant role in enhancing the air quality of your home. Air filters are designed to catch most air pollutants as they enter and circulate throughout your home. This gives you a better air supply to breathe inside your home. 

Lower humidity levels – mold, mildew, and other contaminants thrive in moist situations. Without a system to control humidity levels, fungi can thrive throughout your home, sometimes hidden from view for a long time. A well-maintained air conditioner draws water vapor from the air during the cooling process, which helps keep humidity levels in check. 

Preventing allergies – it’s easy with a well-maintained air conditioner

If you have allergies, the easiest way to reduce symptoms is by ensuring your air conditioner is well maintained. 

  • Clean and service it regularly
  • Change the air filters seasonally, monthly for an active household
  • Invest in high-quality air filters
  • Have ductwork inspected and cleaned from time to time
  • Replace old equipment before it has a chance to break down

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