It’s Time To Have Your Ducts Sealed

There are three parts to your HVAC system: heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. Your ductwork is a vital component to keeping your house comfortable year-round. But when ducts start to wear down, with leaks and cracks forming along the seams and joints, your air supply will be compromised. 

Luckily, there’s a way to fix it. Having your ducts sealed ensures air flows freely to all aspects of your ventilation system. Why should you consider having your ducts sealed this year?

It makes your space more comfortable

Have you noticed hot or cold spots throughout your home? It might be from leaking ductwork. When the ventilation system operates efficiently, air moves to every room in your home. Over time, joints and seams wiggle apart, allowing air to seep where it doesn’t belong. This can impact the comfort level of each room in your home. Having your ducts sealed ensures proper ventilation throughout the entire duct system. 

It’s Time To Have Your Ducts Sealed

It makes your ventilation system more efficient

When your ventilation system was initially designed, it provided air to each room in your home. It was sealed to prevent air from slipping into places where it doesn’t belong, like the attic or crawlspace. As seams and joints move apart, air begins to leak. That causes inefficiency in the heating and cooling of your living space, increasing your energy bills each month as you try and create a comfortable living space. 

It improves indoor air quality

With properly sealed ductwork, air stays inside while dust, pollen, fumes, and other contaminants stay out. Once cracks and leaks form, the two start mixing. This can be a problem as pollutants settle into the ductwork and are distributed throughout your home. If you notice an increase in allergies and other respiratory conditions, it may signify a problem with the ducts. 

Maintenance visits give technicians a chance to evaluate your entire HVAC system. They may start by ensuring your heating and cooling equipment are operating well, but they can also determine if your ventilation system is efficient and provides conditioned air throughout your home. 

Your first signal something may be wrong is hot or cold spots throughout your home. 

Have a question about your HVAC system? Give us a call today. Prepare your system to be ready before the next record-setting day comes our way.  

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