Is a Condensing Boiler Right For Your Home?

When homes use a radiated heating system, the boiler is at the center, producing and sending hot water to the radiators, which in turn sends heat throughout the home. 

As fuel burns inside the boiler system, it produces a combination exhaust of carbon dioxide and water vapor. In a traditional boiler, this exhaust feeds out the flue, taking as much as 20 percent of the energy. 

A condensing boiler adds to the efficiency. 

Is a Condensing Boiler Right For Your Home?

It starts in a similar manner. As fuel burns, it heats the water and produces exhaust. This exhaust flows through a secondary heat exchanger instead of flowing immediately out of the flue. This secondary heat exchanger collects additional heat from the exhaust gasses to preheat incoming water. As the exhaust gasses cool, they move back into condensation, which is drained from the boiler. 

This secondary heat exchanger adds to the efficiency of the entire system. Because it collects heat from the exhaust and preheats incoming water used for the heating process, it doesn’t use as much energy for the heating process as a whole. While traditional boilers are rated around 80 percent efficiency, condensing boilers can improve efficiency to a rating of 90 percent or more. 

Would a condensing boiler benefit you? The biggest reason homeowners make the switch is for energy savings. This can reduce your average utility bill by as much as 10 percent, depending on how much you use it during the year. 

Homeowners also appreciate how the system is created. Because standard boilers run hotter, they need more expensive pipework to operate the system. Stainless steel or galvanized steel is mandatory to handle the hot water flow. Because condensing boilers run cooler, they can accomplish the same tasks using lighter weight PVC pipe. This can be easier to maintain overall. 

While condensing boilers may have been more expensive in the past, it’s no longer true. Maintenance is often lower cost, and the original installation is comparable to other traditional boilers. If you use a radiating heating system, a condensation boiler may be perfect for improving your efficiencies. 

What questions can we answer about installing a condensing boiler in your home? 

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