How Ceiling Fan Installation Can Help Your HVAC System

Want an easy way to make your HVAC system even more efficient? Consider installing a ceiling fan. 

Ceiling fans are welcome additions to a dining room, living room, or bedroom. They can improve your comfort and your efficiency. 

But how can they help you make your HVAC system more efficient? It starts by understanding how a ceiling fan works. 

Ceiling fans are great at creating air movement. According to the Department of Energy, ceiling fans are considered the most effective fans to circulate the air to create a draft throughout the room. Depending on the temperature, you can adjust your thermostat by as much as 4 degrees with a fan going, without reducing your comfort. 

How Ceiling Fan Installation Can Help Your HVAC System

Overall, ceiling fans use less electricity than your air conditioner. That means using a ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioner can save on your utility bills. Plus, it improves air circulation. Have you ever dropped the temperature at night, trying to keep your air conditioner running as the outside temperatures cool during the summer months? A ceiling fan can add much-needed air supply, and might possibly help keep you asleep. 

You might be cool enough you won’t use your air conditioner as much, especially on the cooler days. Choose a high-quality ceiling fan with large blades for optimal cooling velocity. 

You can also reverse the air direction in the winter months to help keep your home warmer. Hot air rises. Instead of allowing warmed air to settle near the ceiling, use a ceiling fan to redisburse the warm air down towards your living space. It can make you more comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. 

Want to make your HVAC system more efficient? Looking for more comfortable temperatures as well as easy ways to reduce your utility costs? A ceiling fan may be the answer. 

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