Can You Buy A Quieter HVAC System?

If you’ve ever had loud appliances operating in your home, you may have been leery shopping for its replacement. It isn’t easy knowing what something will sound like until it’s actually inside your home. 

And while you can learn to live with it, it can also be an annoyance you focus on at the most inopportune times. Ever laid awake at three in the morning listening to loud sounds? 

Can You Buy A Quieter HVAC System?
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Finding a quieter HVAC system is possible today. Manufacturers realize that noise factors into happiness with a product, and do what they can to bring the noise level down. What do you look for? 

First, let’s look at how loud or quiet a noise is to the human ear. The softest sound a human can hear has a decibel rating of 0. The scale moves up, with instant hearing damage occurring at 140 decibels. Health administrators recommend hearing protection for anything over 85 decibels, which would include things like a lawnmower or even sounds coming from your headphones.  

Decibels double noise levels with every 10 decibels a noise increases. So an appliance operating at 50 decibels would be twice as loud as one at 40. 

As we become more aware of noise pollution and what it’s doing to our hearing, manufacturers are starting to create equipment that lowers the decibel levels. They use thicker insulation and work to reduce the noise it makes at all stages of operation. 

Manufacturers are also starting to list noise ratings right on their products, allowing you to judge what’s acceptable in your living environment.

If you pay attention to those noise ratings, you can find the perfect volume HVAC system to suit your lifestyle.

Don’t settle on the first system you see. We can help you find a quiet HVAC system that will give you years of quiet enjoyment. Contact us today to speak with an HVAC expert. 

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