Is Your Home Dusty? It Might Be Your HVAC

Could your home pass the white glove test? 

For some households, even after weekly dusting, if you took your finger and swiped along your shelves and tabletops, you might find a trail of dust. Why does that happen? 

While it might not directly be your HVAC system, it could be playing a major role in your home’s dust levels. It may be as simple as replacing your air filters on a regular basis. If they have accumulated a lot of dirt, this could lead to dust blowing out of the vents every time your furnace runs, leaving a small trail of debris on your furniture. 

Is Your Home Dusty? It Might Be Your HVAC

Of course, it’s not just an air filter that can cause dust to accumulate. 

Do you have a busy household? Do you have pets? When cats and dogs shed fur and skin flakes, it only adds to the dust that accumulates throughout your home. 

Carpet, drapery, rugs, and other personal items are often magnets for dust. It’s easy to assume that if something remains dusty, why dust regularly? But cleaning does remove a layer of dust and other pollutants from staying in your air supply, thus making your indoor air quality cleaner. 

You may also have a problem with leaky ducts. Just like your furnace will only last 15 to 20 years, your ductwork also has a limited lifespan. While it may be hidden behind your walls, over time, cracks and holes can form from the movement of air throughout the system, both summer and winter, as the air flows through the system. If you haven’t had a ductwork inspection before, now may be the time. 

Start with HVAC maintenance. A call to your local HVAC company can have one of our representatives testing your system, replacing the air filter, and ensuring the system will be fully functional as we move into another Colorado winter. 

You can also ensure your thermostat is up for the job. While you might have had the AC on for the past few months, make a few adjustments to ensure it’s ready for the winter. Is it in “auto” or “on” mode? Auto ensures you don’t waste a ton of energy by allowing the system to blow air into your home continuously. If you haven’t upgraded to a programmable or smart thermostat, now may be the time. This can give you peace of mind knowing you’re only using your HVAC equipment as needed, and that your home remains comfortable while working as efficiently as possible. 

Is your home always dusty? Maybe it’s time for an inspection to ensure your home’s HVAC system is as efficient as possible. 

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