Can Your Thermostat Really Learn?

Technology is changing everything in the world right now. You have wearable technology that tracks your movements. You have a virtual personal assistant who can play your favorite music with a simple voice command. 

And if you shop at your local home improvement store, maybe you’ve come across ways to improve the way your home functions. Thermostats haven’t changed much over the past few decades. They are designed to control how warm or cool the inside of your home is during the day. Programmable thermostats can adjust without having to lift a finger; it all works via settings on the clock. 

But what about more advanced strategies? Can a thermostat learn? What can that do for the way you operate the heating and cooling systems inside your home?

Can Your Thermostat Really Learn?

Where learning begins

From the moment you install a new smart thermostat, it starts gathering information to help your home operate better. A smart thermostat will learn your routines and preferences, then make adjustments accordingly. It will track efficiencies as it keeps your home at your specified temperatures, and learn how to make the process smoother. 

It integrates with other home systems

When you start with a smart thermostat, it begins to control how warm or cool it is inside your home. But as other home systems are linked together, it can work to keep your home safer, and more efficient. 

Your smart thermostat may be linked into a system that helps operate your home. It has carbon monoxide detectors, sensors throughout your home, even cameras to ensure your home stays safe throughout the day. The system may notice carbon monoxide buildup, and send you a message alerting you to the problem. 

It can help you be more efficient with your energy consumption

Have you ever opened up your utility bill and been shocked by the charge? As a thermostat learns, it can provide reports showing you where you can save money and energy with small changes to your daily activities. It can help you be more efficient with the way you heat and cool your home, even offering suggestions for repairs and changes to your current system. In short, it takes the guesswork out of running an efficient home. 

Is it time for you to invest in new technology, purchase a smart thermostat the learns? 

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