Why Your HVAC Needs a Dedicated Circuit

The next time your HVAC system turns on, listen to the process. When either your furnace or air conditioner starts to run, you’ll likely hear a lot of power rushing into the unit to begin the process. A whoosh of power moves in and moves the various parts into action. 

That much power rushing in pulls more amps from the breaker. It’s not uncommon for the breaker to trip during this process, especially in older homes that might not be set up correctly. It can be a setup problem, but it could also be caused by age and wear. If dirt accumulates inside the outdoor unit, it could cause issues with various AC components. 

Over the years, regulations have moved into place to mandate the HVAC system using a dedicated electrical circuit. At the core of your home’s electrical system is a circuit breaker box. It controls the electrical flow throughout each room, with switches labeled according to what each breaker controls. It’s normal to have twenty or more electrical circuits, each controlling certain sections within your home. 

Why Your HVAC Needs a Dedicated Circuit

Each circuit is designed to control how much electricity flows to that section of your home. A dedicated circuit will be labeled for specific appliances like the furnace and air conditioner. You may also have dedicated lines for things like convection ovens and home security systems. Because of the amount of electrical draw from these appliances and systems, a dedicated circuit ensures that it will run safely every time it’s in use. It provides fewer problems with the flow of electricity to prevent it from performing at its best. 

Your HVAC system must have a dedicated circuit to ensure it works properly every time it turns on. This gives you peace of mind knowing its less likely to trip, especially when you need it most. It will work more efficiently, not competing for electricity with other appliances on the same circuit. 

If you have an older home, an inspection will allow an HVAC technician to ensure that your HVAC system is installed correctly, with its own dedicated circuit. If you are installing air conditioning for the first time, it might also be time for you to upgrade your electrical panel to ensure the circuit breaker can handle the new appliance. Like other appliances, a circuit breaker will only last so long before it needs to be replaced. 

Is your HVAC system operating effectively? Do you have a dedicated circuit handling the load of your furnace and air conditioner? Scheduling an inspection will ensure your entire HVAC system is working properly, and ready for action in the months to come. 

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