Why It’s Important To Check With Your HOA Before Upgrading Your HVAC

Your HVAC is one of the most essential systems in your home. Without it, the air supply wouldn’t be adequately conditioned in the summer and winter, and indoor air quality might impact your health. 

When HVAC is installed, it’s designed to function according to the current requirements inside your home. Over the years, your goals and needs can change. Knock down a wall to make an open concept living space? Add a new wing out back? Change the layout of your kitchen? Any changes to your home can impact the way your HVAC system operates. 

It may require that you upgrade both your furnace and air conditioner, in order to meet the new demands inside your home. 

Does your new HVAC equipment meet your HOA rules and regulations?

HOA guidelines ensure that homes within a community all stay within the codes, covenants, and restrictions established for the area. They are created for uniformity from one home to another. 

Depending on what your HOA has established may impact the HVAC equipment you can install. Typically, HOAs may create guidelines that:

Restrict HVAC noise

Noise can be one of the biggest issues between neighbors. Lawn equipment, loud cars, and other power tools can be a source of grievance many HOAs face. That’s why many HOA’s now establish noise limits that homeowners must abide by, or face penalties and enforcement. Learn what your codes are before you shop. One of our HVAC technicians can help you find the right HVAC equipment that stays within the guidelines, yet offers efficiencies simultaneously. 

Dictate the type of HVAC

Some HVAC’s will dictate what HVAC equipment you can install, especially if any of the equipment will be visible outside on your property. It can outline where outdoor units must be installed, the size of the equipment, and how visible it is from the street. Some HOAs may even need you to seek approval before installation. 

Meet certain requirements

Some HOA’s have strict building codes to ensure all HVAC equipment meets specific standards before installation. It might work hand in hand with city or state regulators to provide high-quality equipment. Many times HOAs do this to avoid the do-it-yourself route, and to ensure the safety of other residents in the community. 

Do you live in an area with an HOA? Before upgrading your HVAC equipment, check with your HOA guidelines to ensure your new equipment meets their guidelines. We can help you select the right equipment to suit your needs.  

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