Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be At The Top Of Your Home Remodeling List

As you remodel your home, no matter what decor you select or furnishings you buy, the desire to make your home better comes at the top of your list. More efficient. 

Yet what a lot of homeowners face after a remodel is a negative impact on the home’s air quality. 

Dust, debris, pollutants, and other contaminants can be generated through the removal of old materials. If your home is old enough, that can include things like asbestos and lead. 

A reputable contractor will handle all parts of a remodel the correct way, ensuring pollutants are properly removed. They will install plastic barriers to keep the mess on one side, while leaving the rest of your home free from debris and other potential hazards. 

Why Indoor Air Quality Should Be At The Top Of Your Home Remodeling List

But what about ductwork? Whether it’s summer or winter, chances are your remodeling project will occur at a time when your HVAC system operates to warm or cool your home. What happens when that conditioned air is filtered to the area being remodeled, then returns that air into the system, and to other areas of your home? 

Remodeling is the ideal time to consider your home’s ventilation system. Ductwork, vents, and registers may be filled with dust and other debris from years of use. Old systems may no longer work – is your bathroom ventilation system still effectively doing its job? If moisture gets in, it can compromise the ductwork, allowing mildew or mold to grow. 

In addition to cleaning the current system and ensuring it’s working at its best, your new remodel may change the layout of your home. This is the perfect time to reevaluate your HVAC system and ensure it’s doing a good job at heating and cooling your home. If you’re adding new rooms, moving walls, or changing the layout of your existing space, your current HVAC system may no longer be able to do its job effectively. 

Remodeling can improve the way you feel about the space you live in. But if it takes away the comfort during the hottest and coldest days of the year, even the new decor won’t help you stay in love with your new space. 

Ensuring your heating and cooling system is ready for the challenge of creating a comfortable, inviting space you can live with for years is the best way to fully enjoy your new remodel. 

Have you considered indoor air quality as a part of your remodel? Is your HVAC system up to par for the job? We can help you evaluate your project and make the right choices for heating and cooling your space. 

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