Do You Know Where The Energy Waste Is In Your HVAC

What’s the most costly appliance inside your home? If you said your HVAC equipment, you’re correct. 

According to the EPA, around 43 percent of your monthly utility bill goes to heating and cooling your home. If it’s running efficiently, you can rest assured your energy bill is as low as possible. But as your furnace and air conditioner age, you start losing efficiency rapidly as wear and tear sets in. 

Where does most of the energy waste from your HVAC equipment occur? 

Blocked vents

When the HVAC system was initially installed, it was put into place with efficiency in mind. The furnace and air conditioner were selected based on the size and construction of the structure. Ventilation was added with ductwork placed strategically throughout your home, vents and registers releasing conditioned air to ensure the entire area is comfortable. Once you move in, things can change. You place drapery in front of a register. You block vents with your placement of furniture. Suddenly, your HVAC equipment no longer can work as designed. That puts a strain on the entire system. 

Do You Know Where The Energy Waste Is In Your HVAC

Thoroughly heating and cooling all areas 

It’s one of the biggest complaints homeowners have – why am I heating and cooling rooms I rarely use? So they look for ways to control how the ventilation flows by turning off registers. All that does is cause your HVAC system to operate inefficiently. A better way is to install a modernized system that allows zone control. You set up your entire living space with several different zones, then condition them to suit your needs. 

Constantly adjusting the thermostat

The thermostat is the heart of your HVAC system. You use that to control the temperature inside your home, as well as the efficiency of the equipment. If you consistently turn it up and down as you move around your house and desire different temperatures, your HVAC equipment will be inefficient at best. A better way is with a programmable thermostat, one you can set according to your schedule, then leave it operating efficiently. This saves money over time, and allows the equipment to work better at keeping you comfortable throughout the year. 

Lack of maintenance

As one of the hardest working appliances inside your home, it’s important to provide regular maintenance on the entire HVAC system to ensure it’s operating at its best. If the air filter is dirty, for example, it will make the entire system work harder to produce the same results. Regular maintenance ensures all aspects of the system are working well throughout the year. 

Do you know where the energy waste is inside your HVAC system? If it’s been a while since you’ve had a technician perform regular maintenance, schedule it today. It’s the best way to ensure your heating and cooling systems are as efficient as they can be. 

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