Do You Know How Your HVAC Impacts Your Energy Bill?

On the hottest and coldest days of the year, do you cringe as you listen to your HVAC equipment run continuously? Do you anticipate an energy bill that will take a large bite out of your monthly budget, looking for other areas to cut back on? 

According to the EPA, nearly half of the energy you use each month inside your home goes to heating and cooling. It only makes sense to focus on ways to control those costs throughout the year. 

What should you watch for? 

Start by watching your energy bill

Energy Bill Calculation in Aurora, CO
Utility bill and calculator

While it may seem like your energy bill keeps rising, do you know that for sure? Pay attention to what your energy bill is saying. Understand how your electric bill is calculated, the rates the utility company charges, and how much energy you are using. This will give you points of reference as you watch from month to month. If the rates change, there’s little you can do to avoid the costs. But if your energy usage changes, you can determine the root cause. 

Look for ways of improvement

Not all changes are big ticket items. Do you have an upgraded thermostat that can help you make better decisions? A programmable thermostat can take the guesswork out of adjusting the temperature inside your home. Decide once how warm or cool you want your home at different times of the day. No more hitting the up and down buttons to adjust the temperature. Your HVAC system will run smoothly, doing its job efficiently. 

Consider new equipment

When you watch the changes in how efficient your heating and cooling equipment are, it can help you make better decisions for replacement. This can give you a chance to add the costs into your budget, and be prepared for replacement rather than dealing with it in an emergency situation. Spend some time considering your options. One of our technicians can evaluate your home, and give you a selection of units to choose from. The latest technology can help you save and be more comfortable too. How about zoned heating and cooling, which allows you to set different temperatures in different areas of your home? It’s just one of the ways current technology is making homes run better. 

Are you having a hard time coming to terms with your HVAC and energy bill? Now maybe the time for a big change. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you with all of your heating and cooling needs. 

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